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Episode begins with Jagathi thanking vasudhara and telling her that she don’t know why but she feels connected to her in a way. Vasudhara agrees. Mahindra comes there and they both welcome him. He says that the food and it’s aroma is more welcoming than them. Vasudhara and Jagathi feel happy. Jagathi tells him that vasudhara made food for him. Mahindra appreciates her and thanks her. Mahindra says that a husband listens to the wife who cooks a very tasty food. That’s why he listens to his wife may be to which both Jagathi and Vasudhara smile. Vasudhara asking Jagathi to wait goes inside to set the table.

Rishi is in the warranda near pool and remembering about how vasudhara has asked him to walk into the marigold field which he denied. He remembers Darani words. He wonders as ro why did he deny vasudhara when she asked to walk inside even after not having any important work. He thinks whether it’s his ego. He calls vasudhara to take her to the field.

Vasudhara is serving food to Jagathi and Mahindra. Jagathi asks her whether she can atleast serve to which she denies saying serving needs love and she will serve them. In all this vasudhara didn’t see her phone which is ringing.

Rishi wonders as to why she is not lifting his call. He wonders whether she is ignoring his call as he denied. He then thinks about how Rajiv had dragged vasudhara outside forcefull and gets tensed thinking may be something wrong is happening. He thinks Mahindra is somewhere else. He calls Mahindra.

Jagathi asks Vasudhara to sit and have food with them. Vasudhara says that she will eat later after they have finished eating. Jagathi says that she won’t eat if she won’t eat with them. Mahindra says the same. Vasudhara says that they are making her weak and sits with them to eat. Mahindra lifts the call that he is getting from Rishi. Rishi gets to know that Mahindra is there with them and Vasudhara had cooked the food when Mahindra says that he is enjoying the food cooked by Vasudhara and when she asks Jagathi to try the curry as she kept efforts into it. Rishi cuts the call and feels low as she is enjoying her food and partying. He calls her proud. He thinks as to she should have called him when she saw the call but didn’t.

Madhavi calls vasudhara after she came to her room saying that Rajiv told her husband about Sireesh. Vasudhara who is about to message Rishi stops and decides to talk to Sireesh.

Rishi and Mahindra are jogging when Mahindra sees her with Sireesh. They go there to talk to her where she is telling him about the issue. She wishes them both. Rishi wonders whether she called him to meet her and didn’t call him back. The Screen Freezes On Vasudhara and Rishi.