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The episode begins with Vasudhara walking in the college and telling Pushpa to go into the class and till then she will go into the library as there is still time for the class. Pushpa says she will call someone till then. Vasudhara asks her there is a little time and she wants to use it to talk on phone to which she says that she learnt time management from her. Vasudhara is going to the library checking the books when she dashes with Rishi and all her books fall down. Rishi asks her as to what is wrong with her.

Vasudhara apologises to him. Rishi suggests her to even if she is doing numerous works still she should look front and walk. Vasudhara tells him that she is walking looking down as she was checking her books. Rishi thinks that she is not even asking as to why he called in the evening. Vasudhara asks him as to why did he call to which he says she should be asking it yesterday to which vasudhara asks him the reason and he denies telling her. Vasudhara thinks that he is a gentleman but is hissing at her. Rishi asks her what she is murmuring but she covers it up.

Jagathi is greeted by the staff. A lecturer tells her that they should cancel mission education meeting as Rishi is not in good mood and he was shouting at Vasudhara.

Vasudhara and Jagathi are having their meal when Vasudhara asks her about the meeting and Jagathi tells her that Rishi is in bad mood as he was shouting at her hence they cancelled it. Vasudhara says that she comes to know about such things well. Vasudhara says that Rishi always shouts at her. He has no reason to be in bad mood. At one moment he will shout at her and then the next moment he will be all cool. She says Rishi is hard to understand to which Jagathi gets sad. Jagathi tells Vasudhara that he is very good in childhood but changed when she left him. He is still a good person but he is very emotional. She suggests her to understand Rishi and she agrees. They sees Rishi talking in phone who looks at them and leaves from there.

The class greets Rishi who enters the class. Rishi takes Vasudhara’s notes and mocks her for her peacock feather. He starts the class. While leaving Rishi decides to tell Vasudhara about the scholarship she got in foreign and asks her whether she can guess what he is about to talk to which she says he will ask her about Jagathi and her conversation to which he gets angry at her and leaves from there after shouting at her.

Vasudhara is walking thinking that Rishi is jealous and angry that she actually guessed what he has in his mind when a compounder comes and tells her that Mahindra is calling her and he is along with the others. Vasudhara thinks that may be Rishi has complaint about her. The Screen Freezes On Vasudhara..