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Episode begins with Vasudhara telling Rishi that woman is not like a book but a libraby. It is impossible to understand ythem. Rishi asks her whether he should understand ladies more. Vasudhara says yes and then says that it’s not possible to understand ladies. Rishi and Vasudhara leave in the car while Rishi thinks about Vasudhara’s words.

Devayani happily decends down the stairs callinh Dharani. Dharani comes there and Devayani says that she is very happy. Devayani asks her to ask her as to why she is happy. Dharani thinks that she will say anyway. Dharani asks her as to why she is happy. Devayani says she is happy because vasudhara is leaving to foreign. She says Jagathi and her is a team and now as Vasudhara leaves Jagathi will be alone. She asls her to make a sweet so that they can celebrate it.

Jagathi tells Vasudhara to takr the chance and leave. She says she is very proud of her and asks her to call and tell her parents about this so they can be also happy. Vasudhara makes a sleepy face and she goes to bring milk for her so that she can sleep.

Rishi is sitting on a chair looking at his wound and how vasudhara treated it. He remembers her words about woman again and again. Hr calls her. Jagathi who came to Vasudhara sees her asleep on the sofa and covsrs her with a blanket when the phone starts ringing. She seeing it’s Rishi wonders whether she should lift the call or not and finally she lifts the call. Roshi says that now her words are ringing in his ears and asks her to give him a tuition about woman and their thoughts. He asks her as to why she is not talking anything. Jagathi says hello sir she is sleeping which makes him cut the call. Rishi thinks about it.

Everyone is having their breakfast when Devayani husband says that because of vasudhara their college is on papers. He says students has learnt a lot from Vasudhara and is trying to be like her. Rishi is having his breakfast when Devayani sees his wound and asks him about it, even Mahindra asks but Rishi says it’s a small wound. Devayani says she has made a sweet because of Vasudhara’s victory.

Mahindra mocks her. Rishi saying he had his breakfast goes inside where Dharani comes abd tells him that she made his favourite noodles. She says that whether he is sad that vasudhara is leaving. He asks her as to why he would be sad. He says instead of thinking that she got wings to fly, he will assume that she is growing up.

Jagathi is greeted by students when Rishi says excuse me. She greets him. He says that she forgot her manners also. The Screen Freezes On Rishi and Jagathi..