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The episode begins with Jagathi entering the college. Rishi calls her. Jagathi greets him. He says greeting is manners. She is a maths topper but he doesn’t know where her manners went. Jagathi remembers how she lifted the call. Rishi is about to leave. But Jagathi stops him and tells him that a woman’s heart is compared with sea and it js hard to understand them and it’s good that hr wants to understand them and mother is also a woman. She tells him that if he understood that then he would have understood his mother’s heart too and leaves from there.

The college management is talking about what Vasudhara will chose. Mahindra says she will chose the best. Vasudhara comes there. They ask her about her decision. Mahindra asks her. Vasudhara says that they have helped her and supported her. She says that because of their blessings she got the chance. She says that very less people gets such a chance. Mahindra says it’s great chance. Vasudhara agrees and says she has came to a decision. They ask her about her choice. Vasudhara says that she decided not to go anywhere shocking everyone present there. Vasudhara says she eill study in her Mother land and in the college. Rishi asks her whether she understands what she is saying and only few gets such a chance. Mahindra agrees.

Vasudhara says she won’t go because of the predictable life and don’t want a big salary. Jagathi asks her what happened to her. Vasudhara says that she don’t have an intention to study abroad. Vasudhara asks them not to take her decision wrongly. Rishi shouts at her and tells her that she is taking a wrong decision and such offer doesn’t come in dreams too. Vasudhara saus she wants to live in reality. Vasudhara requests them not to force her. Vasudhara requests them to respect her decision and apologises. Rishi opposes. Vasudhara says she won’t change her decision and joins her hands requesting to understand it and leaves from there. Rishi shouts that she is fool and it’s foolish decision, leaves from there.

Rishi shouts at Vasudhara to stop and shouts at her for het decision and denying the offer. He asks her whether it’s her pride or her foolishness. Rishi says money won’t be a problem as she don’t have to spend money. Vasudhara says he thinks in money but she don’t. She says she will earn money and property but she wants to live on earth. She says she don’t want Riches. She wants to go in position by being herself. Rishi says what will be earn by living here. Vasudhara says earning is not the only thing. Rishi asks her to take time and change her decision. Vasudhara says she won’t. They both argue. Vasudhara tells him that she will teach when he asks her what she wants to become and Rishi gets stunned.

She says she wants to become lecturer, there won’t be happiness in anything else and she wants to teach like him in gentle manner. She shares her thoughts about how a teacher shapes her students making Rishi stunned. He remembers her words. Rishi says he thought she was saying it just like that but she really meant it. She says she wanted to deny it there itself but out of respect didn’t. Even Mahindra praises her near Jagathi. Vasudhara says she is strong on her point. Rishi asks her to leave and not say anything. He says if it’s her goals then leave. Rishi sits on a chair thinking about her words.

Jagathi and Mahindra talk about Vasudhara. Mahindra says Rishi thought he is teaching her but she is teaching him life decisions. The Screen Freezes On Mahindra and Jagathi..