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The episode begins with Mahindra saying that Vasudhara is not wrong. He says that Rishi is thinking that he is teaching her but she is teaching him about life. He is changing and one day he will change enough to understand her.

Rishi sleeping on his bed and thinking about Vasudhara’s words. He remembers how she denied to go to foreign and told him how she wants to become a teacher instead of going to foreign and he goes to dining getting up from his bed. Dharani comes there and asks him whether he wants something. She asks him as to why he is hete. He says he needs an answer. He says if someone is taking a great decision of his life then how their thought would be. She asks whether he is talking about Vasudhara. He says she is strong but at times she becomes innocent. He calls her fool for letting go of this opportunity.

Dharani tells him that everyone craves to go into heights and it is not easy to let go of this great opportunity. She tells him that now she can understand her greatness and she wants to hug her and appreciate her for her decision. He remembers about their hug. She says everyone dreams about themselves but she thought about everyone. He says not about everyone it’s her goal. She says he still didn’t understand, if she wanted she can go to foreign but she chose to stay here and wants to teach everyone hence thought about everyone. Vasudhara is not like everyone. She would leave her relationship for going to foreign but she chose to stay here. She says sakshi is good example for this. He remembers about sakshi’s words. He remembers Vasudhara’s words. He says there is too much difference between them. One left relationship but left great opportunity for relationship. He wonders whether she didn’t take bad decision.

Vasudhara is thinking about Rishi’s words and feeling sad. Jagathi comes to her and consoles her and encourages her. She asks her not to think about anyone.

Rishi is having his breakfast with Devayani serving him. Dharani asks whether she wants tea to Vasudhara who just came there. She calls sanju and says vasudhara is here which Rishi and Devayani hear. Devayani goes to Vasudhara and says that she thought of her as intelligent but no. She asks her whether Jagathi didn’t advice her. Vasudhara says that Jagathi supports her decision. Devayani mocks them. Mahindra is passing by but stops when Rishi comes there and says that we should respect the decision. Devayani says she is just advicing her. Rishi says we should only advice when they asks and says he don’t understand why she is taking soo much interest in this and takes her from there. Vasudhara thinks that gentleman is positive today.

Mahindra tells Jagathi that he saw new Rishi today. She asks him whether they fought. He denies. He says he saw Rishi opposing Devayani. He tells her how Rishi supported Jagathi. Jagathi feels glad. He says he felt good. Jagathi says that vasudhara made him understand about her thoughts and may be that’s the reason. They talk about this more and they feel elated. Mahindra gets a call from Rishi and he leaves.

Mahindra’s brother says that vasudhara would have taken the opportunity. Rishi asks Mahindra to tell about her rejecting the offer to Rajalongayya. Mahindra calls and tells him politely and apologises. Mahindra says that they would not have expected this. Rishi says everything won’t happen in their own way. They should accept this and respect it. Screen freezes on Rishi.