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Mahindra calls them and tells them that vasudhara has rejected the offer. He apologise to them and cuts the call. He tells Rishi that they have not expected her to reject the offer. Rishi says that what they expected won’t happen and they should accept this. Rishi sees Sireesh’s car.

Sireesh asks students for Vasudhara and they tell him. A compounder comes and tells him that their MD is calling him. Sireesh comes to him and Rishi calls her. He tells him that his college has a good name. Rishi thanks him and asks him about his visit to which he tells him that he is here to know what happened on that day and how it happened. Vasudhara comes there and gets excited seeing Sireesh. She asks them as to why he is here to which Sireesh tells her that he is here for the case. Vasudhara says that it’s not good to talk here and asks to go to the canteen. Rishi stops them abd says it won’t look good to students and later says that he will leave and asks them to talk in cabin. Vasudhara denies. She tells Sireesh that they will meet in the restaurant and leaves from there. Sireesh is also about to leave but Rishi tells him not to come to college frequently for Vasudhara in uniform as it won’t look good to the students. They will wonder as to why he is coming. Sireesh leaves from there agreeing to her.

Vasudhara asks Sireesh as to what they have talk. Sireesh says nothing and leaves from there. Rishi watches them.

Jagathi is working but then she calls her husband. She asks Mahindra to come to her cabin because she has doubts about mission education. He asks her to share her doubts with Rishi. Jagathi asks what will he think. Mahindra says Rishi is MD and she is faculty head hence it is wrong if she doesn’t ask him. Mahindra encourages her to go. Jagathi goes to Rishi’s cabin with files and shares her doubts with him after he asks her whether it’s urgent. She tells him way to help poor learn a way to earn money as well through mission education. While telling him about her ideas they both go into their good memories and Jagathi brings her out of it. He asks her whether it’s possible practically to which she says it is and gives him a file. He appreciates her making her feel elated. He forwards his hand to her for a shake, she gets happy but before she could hold his hand he takes his hand away. He gets up from the chair and appreciates her. Jagathi feels happy as he is praising her and leaves from there but he stops her and tells her that he only praised her efforts. He tells her that she should remember that she did justice to only her job. She leaves from there.

Vasudhara is talking on Phone and telling Sireesh that she is coming. Rishi presses horon for her to hear. Vasudhara stops and comes to him. He apologises for calling her like that. She asks him as to why did he call her, he tells her to sit in the car so that they can leave to restaurant. He asks her as to why she behaves like she is dumb at times. He tells her clearly. Vasudhara sits in his car and he asks her to keep her seat belt. They both leave to the restaurant. They both wonder about eachother’s silence. He says he is thirsty after stopping his car near a coconut vendor. She asks him ro drink water. He mocks her and says that they should drink coconut water. She denies.

She thinks that Sireesh would be waiting for her. He asks her the same. He drives the car. She thinks that may be he is hurt when he says that he asked to drink together when she asks him as to why he didn’t drink. He tells her he is not hurt. He asks her about Sireesh and as to why he is not married. Vasudhara says it’s his personal and how would she answer. Vasudhara asks him as to what he will reply if she asks him the same. Before he says, vasudhara herself says that he will say none of her business. Rishi thinks he is trapped in his own silly question. The Screen Freezes On Rishi..