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The episode starts with Everyone feeling shocked seeing the Av. Rishi shouts at Vasudhara. Devyani and Sakshi clap loudly. Mahendra signs Jagathi to handle them. He asks Rishi where he went. Rishi tells he will tell him later. Jagathi stops them and asks them to come out from their daydream as your video is not yet played and see another video.

They see Gautham’s video about Vasudhara which he shot with a secret camera. Jagathi says I know you guys are planning something against Vasudhara that’s why we changed the pen drive. Sakshi says to Devyani that it’s better if they leave. Devayani says everyone will see them if they leave now. Vasu feels happy seeing what Jagathi, Mahendra, and Rishi feel about her.

Minister asks Rishi to talk. Rishi says it’s the victory of Vasudhara and our college is proud of her. The next minister asks Vasudhara to talk. Vasudhara thanks everyone for coming. She dedicates her victory to Rishi. Everyone claps for her and then congratulates her. Vasu thinks she is nothing without Rishi. She makes him wear her garland. Everyone gets surprised by her act. Rishi gives it to Gautham and leaves from there.

Mahendra smiles seeing that garland and places it in Rishi’s car thinking he has to deliver the gift to Rishi. Rishi sees a garland in his car. Rishi thinks of throwing the garland away but he dreams of Vasudhara talking to him and thinks about it and doesn’t throw the garland away. Rishi thinks he can’t understand Vasudhaara.

Vasudhaara thinks of Rishi. Vasudhaara thinks if Rishi understood her. Jagati comes and ask why did she wear garland on Rishi. Vasudhaara says even she doesn’t know how it happened it just happened. Jagati says she doesn’t understand her.

Vasudhaara says she is fine. Mahendra tries to talk to Jagati. Jagati stops him. Jagati says she needs to have clarity in her life. Vasudhaara says she has clarity but she doesn’t know how to convey it clearly. Jagati asks there is no need to give an explanation for her if someone asks her then she needs to have answers. Vasudhaara says she has to go.

Devayani talks about what happened on the stage and Dharani asks her to stop it. Dharani gives her a piece of her mind in her dreams. Devayani calls Dharani and she gets out of her dreams. Devayani asks for a coffee. Dharani thinks of killing the one who invented coffee. Devayani asks Mahendra if everything is over. Mahendra says you also saw right then why are you asking me. Devayani says then what should she do when I think of how she wore garland on Rishi I couldn’t stand it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Devayani will order the worker to throw the garland in the trash that Vasudhaara wore on Rishi. Jagati will come and takes the garland from the workers hand and says this garland is the respect that her son got. Rishi will come and see Garland in the hands of Jagati. Jagati will say that the garland is about the thrown in the dust bin. Rishi misunderstands and says you are going anger of the people on the flowers and will take the garland from Jagati’s hand. Jagati will look at Devayani seeing it.

Gautham will praise Vasudhaara on the phone. Rishi asks who is he talking and praising that much. Gautham will tell Rishi to talk to the person then he will know. Rishi will take the phone and asks who is on the other side. Vasudhaara doesn’t give a reply.

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