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Episode begins with Vasundhara walking with Pushpa who says that they should ask Rishi for a lift seeing him near the car. Vasudhara denies saying they shouldn’t take easy ways like this and instead go by their own. Rishi sees them talking and asks about it to which they deny saying anything. Later Vasudhara tells him that Pushpa was asking him to ask for lift to which Rishi says the dialogue vasudhara told Pushpa. Rishi sits in his car to leave to which vasudhara says to Pushpa that this is why she has denied asking as it won’t feel good when they deny. Rishi calls the driver who is cleaning a car and asks him to drop them with sanju. Driver nods. Rishi leaves in his car before vasudhara thanks him.

Pushpa says Rishi is a good person to which vasudhara agrees and thinks that he didn’t let her thank him. Vasudhara is a little worried about going with sanju as they can’t tolerate her words. Sanju comes there and asks them whether they should leave now in her car.

Mahindra greets Jagathi calling her madam while she greets him back calling him sir. He asks her as to why she calls him sir to which she asks him the same. He says it doesn’t feel good and she agrees. Jagathi tells Mahindra that she is worried for Vasudhara as she is not eating her meals and moreover she didn’t have breakfast today in the morning and is directly coming to college from tution. Rishi who is walking behind them hears this. Jagathi greets Rishi and he wishing her back leaves.

Vasudhara is sitting on steps when she gets a call from her sister who tells her about Rajeev. She asks her to be careful with Rajeev. Vasudhara cuts the call and sees a breakfast box with a note. She wonders as to who sent her and asks a man whether he kept it there. The man agrees. She asks him who gave her ro which he shows Rishi who is talking on Phone but then Jagathi comes and Vasudhara thinks it’s Jagathi. She feels happy for her concern and has he breakfast. Rishi watches her from the glass door and says even he is concerned about his student Madam. He says she is concerned about everyone except for her children.

Vasudhara brings a dish for Jagitha telling she made it specially for her. Jagathi asks her not to do anything for her. Vasudhara argues saying she is her madam and says even she sent breakfast for her to which she denies. Vasudhara asks her to eat and give her a feedback.

Mahindra and Rishi are playing chess where Rishi says that chess is like life where one has to take a step it f other does. Mahindra agrees, he says it feels good to spend time with him. Rishi says there is a distance forming between them.

Jagathi and Vasudhara is folding clothes when Rajeev comes there and knocks on the door. Vasudhara gets worried and denying Jagathi from opening the door. Vasudhara opens the door. They both get into an argument. Jagathi calls Mahindra but Rishi cuts the call and asks him to play the game and appreciates his game. The Screen Freezes On Rishi.