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Episode begins with Rishi standing leaning on his car while Rajeev is standing near him. Rishi asks him as to why he is troubling Vasudhara. Rajiv says Vasudhara is his sister in law and there are many things between them which he shouldn’t know. Rishi shouts at him to shut up. Rajiv says he called him here to talk and asking him to shut up. Rishi asks him how much does he need to stop troubling Vasudhara. Rajiv says that he should have understood when he himself called him to meet. Madhavi who is going from the route sees them together and wonders as to why Rishi is meeting Rajiv. Rishi gives Rajiv two days to decide and stop troubling because after that he will use his actions as well apart from his words. Rishi leaves from there while Rajiv says that Vasu and Money has two words and it’s great.

Madhavi calls vasudhara who is travelling in the auto and asks her what she is doing. Vasudhara tells her that she is going to college. Madhavi tells her that Rishi met Rajiv. Vasudhara tells her that she will look after it and cuts the call.

Rishi is working in his cabin when Vasudhara comes to his office and asks him to talk with him. He asks her whether it is about her studies or personal. Vasudhara thinking what is this question to herself says Personal. Rishi tells her busy and tells her he will tell her later.

Vasudhara asks him whether he will tell her in the library, in the canteen. Rishi thinking she is using his words on him says in the restaurant. Vasudhara requests him to tell her the reason but he denies. She says if she comes to know he had talked about something which would make her uncomfortable then her reaction will be because of him and leaves from there. Rishi tells to himself whether she knows what she is speaking, pride is accompanied with confidence now that’s why she is talking like this.

Jagathi asks Mahindra about Rishi who tells her that he is thinking something but still he is looking cool. Jagathi asks him as to what is this answer when Mahindra sees Sireesh in the college and goes to him. Sireesh asks for Vasudhara saying that she needs to be interrogated. Mahindra calls vasudhara and she leaves with Sireesh. Rishi sees them leaving and goes to station.

Sireesh bring vasudhara to office and showing her few chain snatchers asks her to remember but Vasudhara fails to. Sireesh asks Rishi to stay outside as it may disturb her. Sireesh asks the chain snatchers to leave after Vasudhara fails to remember.

Vasudhara while drinking tea with Sireesh comes to about Rishi and goes to him. He taunts her and messages students that there won’t be class. Rishi starts the car after asking her to put her seat belt. The Screen Freezes