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Star Maa’s hit popular show Guppedantha Manasu is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s twists and turns. The show’s main leads Vasudhara and Rishi are loved for their chemistry. Rishi is an arrogant Professor while Vasudhara is an intelligent and strong headed girl.

As Reported Earlier we saw Rishi and Vasudhara travelling in a auto and she falls on him on every break. She asks him whether he is uncomfortable and says that why did he come here when she denied. He asks her why would he be uncomfortable when she is not and tells her that there is nothing wrong in coming with her. They both get down from the auto. Devayani looks at them and gets Agitated. She thinks that neither Vasudhara nor Jagathi is leaving him alone and thinks that they will definitely end up doing something. Vasudhara asking Rishi to swing. Rishi reluctantantly sits on it and says to Vasudhara that he wants to confess her something that he has been trying to tell her from soo long. She asks him what. He says it’s. She looks at him elated as he tries to tell her something.

In the Upcoming episodes we will get to see Rishi coming to meet Vasudhara. Vasudhara hears the horn and rushes to him with Red Roses in her hand. She offers him them and he asks her about her new style of welcoming him. Jagathi sees them and asks Vasudhara to call Rishi into the house as it is not appropriate to not welcome the guest into the house. Vasudhara asks him to come and he agrees. Devayani stops the car infront of Vasudhara and Jagathi and questions Vasudhara. She asks her where did they go last night and why were they late.

When will Rishi and Vasudhara realise this Love for each other? Will Vasudhara be able to bring Rishi and Jagathi closer?

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