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Star Maa’s hit popular show Guppedantha Manasu is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s twists and turns. The show’s main leads Vasudhara and Rishi are loved for their chemistry. Rishi is an arrogant Professor while Vasudhara is an intelligent and strong headed girl.

As Reported Earlier we saw Vasudhara talking with Pavani and telling her how good Gautam is. She says that Gautam is such a joyful person and talks joyfully but then there is Rishi who didn’t even open his mouth. Suddenly a wind blows amd the Peacock feather in her Book falls on Rishi who is listening her words. He comes to them and tells Vasudhara that tomorrow she and Jagathi are apologising to Devayani to which Vasudhara gets furious and tells him that they will not apologise to her.

In the Upcoming episodes We will get to see Rishi coming to Jagathi’s house and Vasudhara comes out hearing the horn. He tells her that he wants to talk with her. She tells him to talk. He tells her not here and asks her to come with him somewhere. Vasudhara sits in his car. Her hair is troubling her. Rishi tells her that there is a tie in the drawer and asks her to take it. When she gives him, he tells her that it is for her and asks her to tie her hair with it. She does as asked.

When will Rishi and Vasudhara realise this Love for each other? Will Vasudhara be able to bring Rishi and Jagathi closer?

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