The father-daughter duo, Aakriti Sharma who plays Kullfi and Mohit Malik who plays Sikander in Star Plus’ musical drama ‘Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala’ visited the Gurudwara today to seek blessings and spend time with the divinity in the peace and calm that the holy place offers, as the two have finally reunited on the show after a path full of troubles.
Sharing his feelings on the same, Mohit Malik expressed, “It was my personal wish that this happens, and I want to take Aakriti (Kullfi) to the Golden Temple too. It’s the only place where I get to sit with myself and express my gratitude to God.
He adds, “I frequently visit the Gurudwara thanking the almighty for everything I have today. I have a lot of childhood memories attached to the Gurudwara and I wanted to create some for Aakriti (Kullfi).
The audience has been awaiting this for a year and finally, the moment has come. Their reunion brought immense joy not only to the characters but everyone who watches the show and Mohit, overwhelmed by the love he has been getting for his show made sure to pay a visit to the Gurdwara to extend that love, express his gratitude and to pray for the continued support of his audience with his daughter.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala airs every Monday to Friday, 8.30 pm, on Star Plus.