While everyone love the main lead pair of Kundali Bhagya Preran (Played by Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar). We, today, will talk about a character who is not getting the right amount of appreciation. It is none other than Karan’s elder brother Rishab Luthra (Played by Manjit Joura). In the beginning of the show it was shown that Rishabh is in love with Preeta and everyone loved the way Rishabh was so passionate about his love towards Preeta. Once he fell in love, he did many things to impress Preeta. At the same time he always helped Preeta like – to release Srishti from jail and proving Preeta innocent in Ruby’s case. He gave his best efforts to support Preeta and that too unconditionally. Even he cancelled his Canada trip when he knew Preeta is behind bars and bail her immediately without thinking that she is innocent ot not. 

He never did wrong to anyone. He is a very righteous character like Ram in Ramayana. He has a pure heart and soul. Once his younger brother and Preeta’s chemistry began, Rishabh stepped away silently but never stopped loving Preeta. So, we want makers to introduce someone like Preeta as his life partner and not Sherilyn. 

We would love to see more of Rishabh with his goodness and pureness which is little underrated in the show. Sometimes, we feel that this character is just don’t belong to this world who is good even to his wife who is negative. 

With all the twists and turns coming up in Kundali Bhagya, lets see what is stored next for us. Keep following us to know the latest twists in your favourite show. Let us know your thoughts on this. Keep buzzin!