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Episode begins with Renuka finds the torn pieces of the cheque from the kitchen dustbin box and Navya asks Renuka not to worry as she will manage the matter and will talk to Aditya personally and will get the details but Renuka stops Navya and asks her not to make it more complicated anymore. She says to her that I will talk to them directly. She comes out of the kitchen while Aditya and Alok are engaged in a fist fight and Alok fails as well. He says to Alok that it is not easy for anyone to snatch the property from him as it solely belongs to him and only him.

Renuka comes out and asks Yash and Iyana to go outside and play with the friends. She directly questions and Aditya about the cheque. She asks Aditya that if you went to the bank to make the cheque cash then what it is doing in my kitchen dustbin? She says to both Aditya and Mukund that you two swear on me and tell me the truth about the entire problem. Aditya shrugs off his hand and says what should I tell you? My father gives me the cheque in front of everybody but then later in private, he told me that you already informed the bank about the cheque and stopped the payment.

Renuka so heartbroken to hear this and she looks and Mukund with disbelief. Suddenly she feels so much pain in her belly and Navya and Aditya manages her but she shrugs off the hand of Mukund when he tries to come close to her as she was upset with him while Aditya leaves and goes upstairs while Navya says I will manage Renuka and takes her inside the room.

Later Aditya says to Gautam over phone call that finally my plan is working perfectly and even Navya is by my side as I made her emotional and vulnerable about me. So now my father will not be able to do anything. On the other hand do Renuka makes Mukund agree to to hand over the entire property after the name of Aditya because if they don’t move on from the past incidents where Aditya did something wrong then how will things change for good? She says I fear alot that he can go back to those bad circles again. Mukund ask her to have medicines as she is not well but Renuka is not ready to hear anything.

Seeing the tempting situation in the house Mukund gives Renuka in writing that he will handover in entire property and whatever he has to Aditya. On the other hand Alok gets mad on Preeti for being two naive. He says if you are the biological sister of Aditya then you should be cunning enough. She says I have a lot of shortcomings that’s why god has sent you for my rescue. Alok says you are correct, I will do something now. He says now I will make Renuka and Navya see the bad side of Aditya and then they will do what they want.

On another side, Renuka handover the written paper of Mukund to Aditya and says to him that now prove to your father that you are capable of doing something. Preeti calls Renuka and all down and Alok set a big TV in the hall and plays the video of Aditya setting the shop on fire but Mukund struggles to stop him so that Renuka doesn’t see. Aditya fakes his accident to stop Renuka from watching the video.