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Episode begins with Sumitra and Indu asking Renuka in person, why she hides such a big thing from her? Renuka gets shocked to see the file of IVF in the hands of Sumitra and she thinks that maybe she gets to know about the infertile problem of Navya.

However, clearing all her doubts and fears Sumitra actually asked about the horoscope which was printed at the back of the IVF file. Navya over here is a conversation from the outside of the room and she gets a sigh of relief to understand that they are not talking about what she is fearing. Renuka says to sumithra that doesn’t know anything about this horoscope this is me who made this for my own satisfaction and that time only my praise predicted this and I was planning that after all this festivals are done I will take to my maternal house to meet the priest once again.

¬†Sumitra gets convinced with her words and she says that you should have informed me about this issue earlier. Renuka manages the situation somehow and Hindu gets normal again and doesn’t understand how long her mother-in-law is going to comedy for heart and speak lies for her. The next morning Renuka is trying to understand what indication Lord Krishna is trying to give her but she is not able to understand.

However, she gets busy in doing the Pooja at the shop of Mukund along with her family members and Ashraf. After the puja, Mukund leaves for Mathura with the pack of sweets that Renuka made and Renuka face to know that I am not feeling like going to Mathura this year and already Sumitra is somehow doubting us and even Indu is also behind as right now thanks it is better for us not to go much in front of them. Renuka gets a call from Kusum that some lady of their locality has got a heart attack and she rushes to help her after handing over all the responsibilities to Navya.

Mukund comes home and asks Navya about Renuka and she informed that she is in hospital to help someone. Mukund says to Navya that I am going to take a shower please get ready before Sumitra arrives at the house and also does inform Renuka to come back home as early as possible. Later in the day, the entire family also does the puja of Goddess Lakshmi e and they had a conversation with Sumitra over the video call. Adi gives a locket to Navya on the occasion of Diwali.

Once the puja is over Mukund shows a silver statue of Bal Gopal and says this is for Navya on the occasion of Diwali. Renuka says to him that we shouldn’t gift someone the statue of Lord Bal Gopal before giving him a bath properly. While Renuka is giving bath to the statue, Shri keeps the idol on her lap to wash it properly with a towel. Mukund gets angry and says to her give your child from your lap to my daughter in law’s lap.

As soon as he says this Renuka gets a joint and everything seems clear to her. She understands that from long time Lord Krishna is trying to give her this hint but she was unable to understand this. She gets hopeful and ecstatic to think that she can fulfill the emptiness in her kids life.

 She can give birth to the child of Navya and Adi. Mukund and Adi goes out to celebrate Diwali and Renu shares her realisations with Navya. Navya gets in a dilemma but then she becomes hopeful too about the entire development.