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Episode begins with Mukund taunting Renuka about the same old topic and Renuka is shocked to know that even after all these years Mukund is still stuck at the same old topic of doubting. She thinks I don’t know how to make him understand that I have no other person in my life rather than he himself. She thinks this is not the time to pay attention to all these.

Only a few days are left in the marriage of Aanchal and I have to make Mukund agree for this by hook or by crook. Preeti is showing sarees to her elder sister-in-law and says how much Alok pampers her with gifts and jewelleries. She goes to the other room and her sister-in-law says in her mind that all of these are going to be mine soon along with ALok ji. 

On the other side, Aanchal and her mother and Sumita come to Agra for the check up of Aanchal with the name of Indu. The nurse informs them that they have arrived early and since the patients of early time have not arrived so they will get the first preference. Navya and Renuka also reached hospital at the same time and Navya is constantly trying to call Aditya but he is neither picking her calls or her messages.

 She tells Renuka that she is extremely worried about Aditya and she doesn’t understand how to make him understand that she is not at fault in any way. Renuka asks her to take care and she will handle him if he doesn’t talk to her directly and asks Navya to be normal or else the doctor will start checking her up instead of Renuka. They reach the 9th floor and are about to enter the cabin where Indu and Aanchal are already sitting while both of them didn’t see each other.

 Later on, the nurse comes and informs the doctor about Mrs. Tiwari is present at the same hospital and she asks her to go ahead and take her for a test because then she has an appointment with the nutritionist. Sumitra is about to leave the hospital along with Indu and Aanchal when they notice that the mother of Sanjay is also present there and they hide somewhere.

 Sumitra says lemme go and warn the doctor not to tell anything about Aanchal to anyone. Sumitra failed to notice Renuka and Navya but she hears that the conversation is going on about the middle age pregnancy. Indu gets to know about Renuka Tiwari sonography and she thinks to inform Sumitra about it.

 Later on, Mukund comes out after getting the marriage invitation cards and gets them printed and he thinks to show it to Sumitra and she will get happy. He noticed the car of Sanjay and doesn’t understand what an unknown girl is doing inside his car and he informs the same to Sumktra who paid no attention to it. Mukund finds the whole thing fishy and doubts Sanjay and his intentions when he notices that he is leaving from there in a taxi when he has his own car present at that complex.

 Renuka comes back home and Navya leaves for Aditya office and she asks Navya to have dinner with him and then come back in the house. Sumitra on the other side thinks why Renuka took an appointment on her name to check Navya.