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Episode begins with Mukund bad mouthing about the relationship between Renuka and Raghav. love couldn’t tolerate anymore and he grabs the collar of Mukund and asks him to shut up. Renuka takes her husband side and she says that she has the right to say anything to me but this is a matter between both of us and asks Raghav to go away from her house.

Raghav says nothing and goes out of the house. Renuka comes in front of Mukund and says that whatever you want to say, blame or accuse, please deal with me only. Do not try to make a scene in front of outsiders. Mukund says that you are intentionally calling your boyfriend an outsider just to impress me. He says that I feel you are not even worthy of my hatred as well.

 Adi along with other family members reached the house of Sanjay for the marital functions and he asked Aditya about Navya. Adi says that she is out to collect the outfit for sangeet and she will be here very soon. Navya gets a call from her husband but as soon as she is about to pick it up, Alok snatches the phone from her hand. She tried to get it back but he says that better don’t tell him anything about all this.

Alok blackmailed Navya that Adi had met with an accident by mistake some days ago and if you do not stop then he can meet with another accident and that can be more dangerous. Navya informs Aditya that she will be home very soon. Renuka sits in front of the god idol and says that I was trying to fix my relationship with my husband but destiny has some other plans. She says that no matter how much I try, the kind of misconceptions has developed inside the mind of my husband.

She thinks any amount of justification or anything else can cure that. She decided that no matter what she has to tell him about the truth. She records a video of her confessing the truth and sending it to Mukund via WhatsApp. Raghav is not able to get out the words of Mukund from his head and he is continuously thinking about that. I think that for the sake of humanity I should take some effort to abolish the misunderstanding of Mukund regarding me and his wife.

 Raghav tries to call Mukund on his mobile but he doesn’t pick up. He then called at the home landline but Renuka attends the call and she decided to meet him instead of Mukund. She goes to him and confronts him about the reason to meet her husband. However Mukund also follows Renuka and comes to the garden area where he sees Raghav again and thinks that she came to meet him in private.

 Renuka blames Raghav for putting the thought of doubt in the minds of Mukund regarding them which is why she is bearing this torture for the past 15 years. Raghav gets angry and he says that just because I am not speaking anything, doesn’t mean that you can say anything to me. First of all, I am a married person and very much settled and happy with my wife.

 The reason why I was concerned about you, there was a time when I used to love you and wanted to get married but somehow things didn’t work out in my favour. Mukund is listening to their conversation from a corner.