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Episode begins with Renuka making Adi and Navya sit in the puja together and says that today by taking the fire and the god into account I am promising that I will give away my kid to Navya and Aditya and after the born of this kid they will have all the rights of this kid legally and socially.

Navya and Aditya get shocked to hear this and Aditya kinda gets happy with the news while Mukund on the other hand calls the doctor and gets to know about the entire thing in details and the doctor says to him that come to meet me immediately and I will tell you everything else in details after that. He comes out when Renuka is promising Navya and Aditya about the kid when he comes out and says I am with you in every decision of your life and Renuka gets happy and asks him to join her for the puja when Mukund gets angry with Renuka and he throws the plate of puja and also puts water in the holy fire and asks Renuka how dare she takes such a call? She gets shocked to know that Mukund gets to know about the secret that she wants to hide from him. Navya and Aditya were shocked to listen to it while Alok and Preeti were curious about the whole matter.

Mukund says what you think that you will make this sacrifice and we all can live happily after that You thought that you will leave me alone here where I can’t see you, can’t even talk to you and I can live happily all ok? I am definitely in love with the kid but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want you or I don’t want your life.

I don’t want this kid if that comes to me at the cost of losing you because not only me but the entire family and all of us are not able to live without you at all and he shows her the medical report of sonography and asks her what is this and why he doesn’t say anything about it to him before this? Navya takes the medical report and gets shocked to see it along with Aditya. Renuka tries to explain her side but Mukund doesn’t let him say anything and says I will not listen to anything anymore and it is final that you will do what I say from now on.

Mukund goes from one doctor to another after getting to know about the medical condition of Renuka from the first doctor. all the doctors give him the same answer that there is no cure of Renuka instead of going for abortion and then kidney transplant because the situation of Renuka is is not okay anymore. The next morning Aditya gets into a fight with Alok when he says to her that it is good that the kid will not live anymore. he shares Mukund is upset with Aditya hence all the property of him will come to me and we will have it all.

Aditya listens to it and he says to him that I will not let any of your search nasty dreams be fulfilled at any cost. They both get into a fight when Mukund comes home and pleads with them to save his wife Renuka as she needs a kidney as soon as possible and in return he will name the entire property to their names.