K-dramas are the rage in recent times not only for it amazing story lines and gripping plots but also for the gorgeous actors.We have previously released an article about some of the handsome oppas in K-dramas.However the list is huge and definitely needed a part 2 J as we cannot get enough of these Tall, chiseled, gorgeous men that makes our hearts jump everytime they appear on screen.Let us take a look at some of the most handsome hunks in no particular order.

Kim Soo- Hyun

This tall ,handsome hunk is one of the highest paid actor in South Korea and enjoys a huge fan base.Girls go crazy for his looks and smile.After a recent success with his previous romantic K-drama ‘Its okay not to be Okay’ last year,Kim Soo- Hyun is all set to grace the screen this year in a thriller ‘One Ordinary Day ‘.

Jang Ki-Yong

This model turned actor debuted in a guest role in ‘Its Okay that’s love’ and later rose to fame when he starred as a lead in his consecutive dramas.He stole the hearts of every female in his recent drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ where he played a handsome and mesmerizing 999 year old Gumiho (A nine tailed Fox).With his charming smile and chiseled looks he surely deserves to be called handsome Oppa.

Yoo Yeon-Sook

Yoo Yeon- Sook rose to popularity for his role in Dr.Romantic where he played a charming doctor pursuing the female doctor he likes.He continued to play a doctor in his recent hit drama ‘Hospital Playlist’.Apart from the fact that he is very good looking,Yoo Yeon-Sook is also known as the master of kissing.His kisses onscreen will surely raise your heart beats up.

Yoo Seung-Ho

Yoo Seung –Ho made his debut in a film ‘The Way Home’ as a cute child artist.Ever since then he had acted in many shows and films as a child actor and teenager.He quickly gained fans when he started doing lead roles.He especially captured numerous hearts in the drama ‘I am not a robot’ where he falls in love with a human who he thinks is a robot.His cute smile and boyish looks never fails to make the fans go aww.

Park Hyung-Sik

This handsome hunk is not just a talented actor but is also a singer and dancer.His hot looks and sweet smile gained him popularity among the female audience.He was most loved for his role in the Romantic Comedy drama ‘Strong Girl Do Bong Soon’.Fans who had missed him during his mandatory military service, is now jumping in joy to see him back in action in his new thriller fantasy drama ‘Happiness’.

Lee Jong-Suk

Lee Jong-Suk is a model turned actor who has several hit dramas to his credit. His tall , lanky frame and boyish smile can melt anyone’s heart. He is well known for his amazing chemistry with his costars and is also a great kisser!

Jung Hae- In

Jung Hae-In is yet another handsome actor that can easily sweep a girl off her feet with just a smile.His boyish looks and sweet smile has never failed to impress the audience.His boy next door look is what makes him more endearing to his fans.

Cha Eun-Woo

This young talented handsome lad is a K-pop idol ,and a model who later ventured into acting.His dashing looks and boyish face is what makes him a very sought out actor in teenage dramas.No wonder the female fans can’t stop drooling at this cutie!

Song Kang

Song Kang is yet another handsome dude that make the young girls hearts flutter with a mere smile.He gained immense popularity with his latest teen dramas Love Alarm and Nevertheless. His kissing and intimate scenes on his recent drama ‘Nevertheless’ has become a talk of the town and has been trending ever since. No wonder he is considered hot!

Kim Seon-Ho

The list will not be complete if we do not mention this dashing hottie who can make your heart stop with just a smile.His dimpled smile is to die for and not to mention his handsome looks.Kim Seon-Ho who had always left the fans in dreaded Second Male lead syndrome in his previous dramas ,has finally found his happy ending in his recent drama ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ where got his first lead role.

We tried to cover as many gorgeous hunks in Kdramas as possible in this article.Well who am I kidding? We all know the list is just endless and there are still so many hotties out there that makes our heart go all soft and mushy.Keep watching the dramas and watch out this space for more articles on your favourite Kdramas.