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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is witnessing reunion track of Meher, Sarabjit and their kids. In the upcoming episodes, it will be worth to watch how Meher will save her family from Kulwant and marriage from Harleen.

In the last episode, Samira made kids eat pizza, which satisfied Sarab a little. Meher tried to clear Yuvi’s misunderstanding. But Yuvi in anger target Meher and hurt Kulwant by mistake.

At Gill Mansion Samaira lied to Sarab that Meher made Pulao for him. Hearing which Sarab got ready to eat but once again his hand started shivering. Meher came and made him eat food and medicines.

Harleen tried to make kids sleep and instigated them against Meher. She even stopped Meher from meeting Meher. But Meher made her way to kids room. Kids in sleep too ignored Meher making her cry a lot. Next Morning Meher and Sarab woke up together in kids room.

Robbie handed over new posters of Punjab Dal to Meher and Sarab. Meher explained Sarabjit the new strategy she had thought to take Punjab Dal up and improve Punjab’s condition.

Harleen opposed Meher plan, but Sarab supported Meher. Harleen in anger asked Robbie to put extra posters in Attari, which will make Kulwant create drama and trouble Meher. Meher received tensed Siddhi’s call and Sarabjit asked her to go and meet Siddhi.

In the upcoming episode, Sarab and Meher will be seen explain people Punjab Dal’s new strategies for people’s well-being. Kulwant will reach there with Yuvi and create drama by accusing Meher as Jagga’s murderer.

According to predictions by sources Sarab may get paralyzed in future. It can be said considering doctors words to Harleen about Sarab receiving side effects of accident in future. Secondly, Sarab is seen in pain too these days.

It can also be predicted that Kulwant will also restart her political party and offer some truck facility from Yuvraj (Yuvi) Transports. See video:

Will Meher’s kids realize her innocence? Will Meher be able to remove murderer tag from herself? How will Sarab and Meher handle their kids? Will Meher again think to run away from Sarab or fight for herself and her family? Will Kulwant and Harleen fall more than this to trouble Meher? Will Punjab Dal get in trouble before its restart only?

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