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Episode begins with Mohini tells hostages that kidnappers wants them to lose hope. She says that they should be confident that they can escape. On the other hand, Devi tells Harphoul that they can’t stop there. Harphoul tells her that he is worried about his family. He says that he is sure Balwant is behind this. He wonders that where Balwant kept his family. He asks God to help him. He cries saying that just 3 hours left. Devi wipes his tears.

Meanwhile, Mohini asks God to save them. Everyone prays to God. Balwant tells himself that he is just waiting for Devi. Maai loses her consciousness. Mohini tells Santok that seems like Maai’s sugar level decreased. She says that they should give sweet to Maai. She asks sweet from kidnappers. Balwant sees laddu plate and says that he won’t give it to Maai. He throws away 1 laddu. He says that it’s a new twist and laughs. He adds that just 3 hours left.

Mohini asks hostages to check their packets. She cries and wonders that where is Devi. Meanwhile, Devi smiles seeing lot of ants. Mohini notices the laddu which was thrown by Balwant. She gives that laddu to Maai. Maai regains her consciousness after eating laddu. Balwant says that Maai is lucky. Devi tells Harphoul that bus did not disappear. She says that nothing will happen to them until Maiyya is there. She tells him that Maiyya will show path to them.

Maai asks Mohini to take care of Santok if anything happened to her then. She says that Shalini is not bad person. Mohini hugs her and says that nothing will happen to the latter. Balwant goes to them wearing mask. He tells them that break time is over. Harphoul watches CCTV footage and finds clue after seeing truck. He calls someone and asks that person to find truck details.

Santok tells Mohini to take care of Maai and don’t worry about him. He says that he know he can’t survive in this game. She recalls Harphoul’s advice and tells about it to Santok. He asks her to tell everyone. She asks everyone to not catch their opponent then kidnapper won’t kill anyone. Kidnapper asks hostages to not murmur. He tells two people to begin the game. Balwant says that they can murmur how much they wants but they can’t escape. Those two keep running without catching their opponent.

Harphoul reaches a location. He finds the truck driver and asks him about bus. He fights with other drivers. Devi notices that one driver to trying to stab Harphoul from behind. She pours mud on that driver’s eyes. Truck driver tells Harphoul about kidnap. He informs him about the location which kidnapper was talking about. He says that that’s old temple place and runs from there. Harphoul says that just 2 hours left.

Episode ends.

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Harphoul Mohini 2nd December 2022 Written Update: Balwant kills hostages