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Zee Tamil popular hit comedy show ‘Thirumathi Hitler’s is all set to engage audience with its unique story line. This story is about youngest trending mother in law. Earlier we saw that Hasini revealed the truth to AJ. Viewers will see AJ will take Hasini with him to resturant.

In Today’s episode we see; Hasini is thinking about the incident. Maya and Chithra comes there to tease Hasini. She gives fitting reply to them. When they are not ready to listen her she threatens them with iron box. Maya and Chithra says to her that she is doing it all to patch up with AJ for morning incident. Hasini informs to them she don’t change herself for others. Maya says she tries to get good name in front of AJ. Hasini deny it reasoning she went to give file to him for sake of Jaya. She don’t need to get good name in front of AJ. Hasini stops everyone from eating the food and offers street food to them. Archana refuses to eat street food. AJ find out its his restaurant food. Hasini agrees to him it’s his restaurant food but she bought it from Hotel. She reveals to him that his staffs are sell this food to steer stalls. Which food he donates for charity. AJ lashes out at his son for being careless. He asks them to find the person immediately. Hasini starts to eat without tension. She thinks that she didn’t done anything good for him. She is here to find out the evidence against AJ. Maya is provoking her husband against AJ. Jaya lashes out at her.

In the upcoming episode Viewers will see; Jaya will say to AJ that Hasini is sitting here alone. What will she do here she will get bore. Jaya will ask AJ to accompany Hasini to his restaurant. AJ will agree to take her with him for sake of Jaya. Hasini will say bye to her daughter in laws in teasing way. Hasini will say to AJ that she has so much work to do there. She will check the files, count the money too. AJ will question her what position would she like to have? She will mentions as M.D

What will happen next? Will Hasini will find out the real culprit? How will she escape from her daughter in laws?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.