Harman and Saumya will be separated again and Saumya will start a new life.

Colors TV popular show, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas will witness edge of the seat drama in the coming days with Harman venting out his anger on Saumya and she decides to leave the house.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Harman and Saumya unknowingly bring some saint at their house. That saint was no one other than Preeto’s (Harman’s mother) first husband, who left her after marriage. Preeto got adamant that she would not the man to come inside her house. Harak Singh convinced Preeto to let him come inside, as he is his big brother. The man entered the house and Harman tells everyone that he is suffering from brain tumor. The news shocked Singh family and the Preeto shouted on Saumya for bringing him back. Saumya worries and Harman asks her to calm down.

Now ahead in the story will see, Preeto will start hating Saumya and things will be worsen when Harman will go in angry mode and will shout on Saumya. As per the sources, Harman will ask Saumya to stay away from Preeto as she is going through tough time. Harman will also say her, his family has accepted her inspite of being Transgender because of him, so for that sake she should not involve herself in his family matter. Harman words will hurt Saumya and she along with her child will leave Singh house.

Saumya will bring new twist in the story so, what happens next will be interesting to watch. What new developments will be there between HAYA and How Harman and Saumya will be reunited, for all the answers, keep watching Serial Shakti, Mon-Fri 8pm on colors.

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