Surbhi Chandna is celebrating her birthday today and we can’t help but talking this beautiful soul and the way she keeps winning us over and over again.


What an Instagram Queen
Surbhi is sultry, sexy and everything mesmerizing. Just go through her Instagram and you will know. Her pictures are royalty to say the least. She has a smile that has sugar dripping to sweetness and a pout that can make you toes curl.

Bubbly and Bright
Surbhi is a cheery girl who can brighten your day with a single smile of hers. She is bright and bubbly and always having fun with people around her. She has a childlike personality that’s so rare to find.


Terrific actress
In her short career, she has done some tremendous work. Her acting has proved her mettle a number of times. Since, her debut role in ‘Qubool Hai’ as the deaf and mute girl, Haya to ‘Sanjeevani’s Dr. Ishani she has made fans go ga-ga over her.

Expression Queen
If something makes Surbhi stand out amongst the crowd, then its her bundle of expression that she can give in a nanosecond in every scene. Only her fans can tell how much meme material she has given them. LOL.


Donner of Disguises
Remember when she played different characters like Shanno, Kalawati Thakur, Rosie Rani while playing Anika and how wonderfully did she play those part. Nailing different accents isn’t easy for any actor but Surbhi has probed her worth is that department too.

Surbhi is fearless when it comes to experimentation. Be it with her characters or looks, she is not afraid to look weird or less pretty on screen. She is always ready to experiment and do justice to her character and its shades that come along with it.

We cannot wait to see what else this tremendous actress has to offer. We wish her all the very best for everything she is going to do with her future and her talent.
We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Surbhi Chandana. Be happy and always you do you girl!

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