It’s almost confirmed that Star Plus famous show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum will shut down their curtains on 14th March 2020.

ITV popular actors Dipika Kakar and Karan V Grover beautifully portrayed the love story of Rohit and Sonakshi. Show in short span got instant popularity but news of show going off-air broken the heart of not only the fans but also the cast and crew of the shows.

Loyal fans of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum made an effort to save their beloved show. And under the hastag #ExtendKHKT fans trended online and demand the channel to give time extension to the show.

Well, seeing the fans effort we asked the fans of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum to shoot their best reasons as why they feel shows deserves to stay back. Under the hastag #JustshowbizwithKHKT and #DontEndKHKT fans replied us. Thus, here we are quoting 10 best reasons why Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum deserves an extension!

@ElkaDutta :

 #justshowbizwithkhkt #DontEndKHKT #KahaanHumKahaanTum we r yet to get the main theme of the show.. how two professionally busy people manage and balance between their personal and professional life…


#JustshowbizwithKHKT #DontendKHKT #KahaanHumKahaanTum deserves to be on air. As it is a unique show. KarPika portraying fantastically. All of us are loving Ronakshi. Learning n Loving show. There are good quality of Ep’s n alot is there to show. Promo’s story wasn’t yet started.


Tha main concept of the show is yet to explore. It’s just the beginning of the show. the leads Karan and Dipika are so exceptionally talented they are giving their best and they are rocking as Ronakshi plus the show just took leap. #DontEndKHKT #JustshowbizwithKHKT


#KahaanHumKahaanTum is a show with content that’s both relevant & genuinely well made! So,if they pull the curtains on KHKT in such an unceremonious manner,it will discourage other showrunners from attempting similarly relevant& well made content #JustShowbizwithKHKT #DontendKHKT


Ronakshi is still a fresh and young couple. We want them to grow and mature together. It is not the correct time to end . #JustShowbizWithKhkt #DontEndKhkt


The only ITV show with logic and sense..making it immensely popular since it began..Rohit(Karan) and Sona(Dipika) are unique..our Ronakshi! They deserve a better destiny! #JustshowbizwithKHKT #DontendKHKT

@Gowri07423450 :

Because KHKT was ITV’s foray to the minds of this generation who think, talk & live like Rohit & Sonakshi. Their story is ours too & it doesnt deserve such an abrupt end. #JustshowbizwithKHKT#DontendKHKT #KahaanHumKahaanTum


The main plot of the show is yet to be started and the show has huge fan following in SM ,show is getting decent trp of 1.8-2 #JustshowbizwithKHKT #DontendKHKT #KahaanHumKahaanTum


It deserve 2 stay back for sure. Many peoples including me are back to ITV after so many years. WHY…KUCH TO SPECIAL HOGA NA..We r not fools. We are investigating our emotions to this show &want a extension for a proper closer. #JustshowbizwithKHKT #DontEndKHKT


There is soo many logically reason first main plot still left TRP is good Fan Following Is Good Sitara dont have any single reason of ending it #JustshowbizwithKHKT #DontEndKHKT

Reading the replies one thing is clear loyal viewers of the show feels Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum main theme of the show not yet started and they are disappointed with this sudden ending of the show.

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