Many shows come and go but only a few manage to leave an irreplaceable impact on audience and one of them is surely Jennifer Winget’s iconic Beyhadh. No wonder Sony TV came back with a second season of the series, given the fact that the first one was a major hit.

Here we bring some comparisons between the two editions of the popular show:

MAYA MEHROTRA VS MAYA JAI SINGH: Not heroines, not villains. The two Maya have a difficult past which haunted them throughout their life. They were the victims turned into culprits. Both got betrayal in love and suffered because of it. Both had men behind their misery. They have a certain madness in common but there are some differences between the two characters as well: Maya Mehrotra even harmed her own mother while for Maya Jaisingh her late mother was her world. Maya Jaisingh is certainly a little more sensible and a little less blinded by her hatred, maybe because she has Rudra who softened her while Maya Mehrotra had nobody.

LIMITLESS LOVE VS LIMITLESS HATRED: The first season was all about Maya Mehrotra’s limitless love towards Arjun for whom she was ready to destroy everything and everyone. Arjun became Maya’s obsession and her weakness too. She lost her everything for him; she killed her own dears for him. In the contrary, Beyhadh 2 is a saga of limitless hatred and all that matters for Maya Jaisingh is her revenge. She fell in love too but that love gave her strength to face her enemies. However, she didn’t let love overcome her hatred and her revenge remains her priority.

ARJUN MALHOTRA VS RUDRA ROY: Arjun Sharma was a carefree and cheerful photographer who started working for Maya’s magazine. On the other hand, Rudra Roy is an independent, mature and sensible guy who runs his own publishing house and it is Maya who approached him for the publication of her book. Arjun and Rudra are poles apart and so is their love for “their respective Maya”: Arjun’s love was fragile and he always had a soft corner for his best friend Saanjh; he couldn’t hail Maya’s pain, instead dragged her into gloomier darkness. Rudra’s love for Maya is passionate and truthful. Both Rudra and Maya Jaisingh had a painful past but he still managed to bring lights and colors in her black life. Rudra didn’t fall for Maya’s beauty or grandeur but also for her flaws. He discovered a side of Maya that she was hiding from herself and brought it out. He gave her happiness and love. In the current track he claims that he hates Maya but he is actually lying to his own feelings. Well, maybe Maya Mehrotra needed a Rudra Roy too.

JENNIFER WINGET VS JENNIFER WINGET: One thing that has remained constant is Jennifer Winget’sfabulous performance that still remains the USP of the show. Be it Maya Mehrotra or Maya Jaisingh, she has left her mark on both the characters. Be it the first season or the second one, she has never disappointed her fans. The Tellywood diva has proved that there is just one person that can give competition to Jennifer Winget and that is MissWinget herself. It is difficult to choose in which season she was better since she slayed in both.

What about you? Do you prefer Beyhadh 1 or Beyhadh 2?

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