Navya.. Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawal is still one of the best ITV shows Indian Television has ever witnessed.

Set on the simple backdrop the shows story was impactful and we still look forward for the shows like Navya along with strong characters like Anant and Navya.

The love story of Anant and Navya begins from their college when goons attack on the college students for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Navya’s friend Ritika handover her Valentine gift and this made the goons to misunderstand Navya and they accuse her for celebrating Valentines. One goon about to attack Navya and Anant becomes her savior. Anant’s act impressed Navya and she just couldn’t able to take her eyes-off from him.

Ahead, the bond of Navya and Anant strengthen and in spite of the family differences the duos get married to each other. Post marriage Navya’s life at Bajpai house was full of trouble. And seeing Navya’s condition at his house, Anant walked out with her and shifted to a small flat.

Now here this show made a difference by standing apart from regular ITV conspiracies. When Anant found his family is plotting against Navya and trying to prove she is unfit for him and the family. Without any second thought he with Navya walked out from the house. Whereas if the same situation has ever occurred in any other ITV show male lead would have been clueless about it or being manipulated by his own family. And as the result because of misunderstanding the separation track would have begin in the show.

But all thanks to the makers of show Navya from not bringing such tracks rather they brought the change by showcasing such a bold step taken by Anant. No, we are not saying one should leave the family for wife. But one should definitely raise the voice against the wrong. And that’s what Anant did by supporting Navya over his family. Such advanced tracks in the current ITV shows are missing and we all surely craves for the shows like NAVYA.

Show Navya revolved around the thought process of old and new generation. Anant and Navya was seen trying to balance both and as the result show ended on a happy note with the duos returning back to the family crossing all the hurdle.

Actor Shaheer Sheikh played the character of Anant Bajpai in the show and he won millions of heart with his power packed performances. He was mature, he was romantic and he was absolutely adorable as Anant. Actor melted the screen with his impressive performance in the show Navya..Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawal.

Whereas actress Soumya Seth; too became the household name after playing the title Character ‘Navya’.

The jodi of Shaheer Sheikh and Soumya Seth is ITV’s one of the most adorable jodi. And the duos chemistry in the show was breathtaking.

Show today is completing the 9 years of journey on ITV. Thus, on the occasion of this we would like to know what made you to fall for the series. Shoot your views in the comment section below.

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