Show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is gearing up for more twists and turns. The shows current track is heading towards its climax and making the audiences to hold their breath.

In the show so far Mahesh tricked Sonakshi and kidnapped her. He revealed his obsessed side to Sonakshi and she gets scared. Mahesh tells to Sonakshi that after the marriage he will take her to his village. He further admires her beauty and confesses that he loves her a lot and Rohit can’t love her like the way he loves.

Frightened Sonakshi calls out for help but Mahesh yells and ask her not to shout. He further shows Parvati’s tattoo and ask her to try to understand him as he is getting restless to see her in bride look. Later, Mahesh drags and manhandles Sonakshi and forces her to marry him. Other side, taking the advantage of Sonakshi’s absence Raima gets set to take wedding rounds with Rohit. She asks Sulochana to hurry up and force Sippy’s to start the wedding rituals before Sonakshi returns.

Now the upcoming twist in the show will make you to sit on the edges of your seat.

In the upcoming sequence will see, Sumit will expose Raima in front of Rohit. And transgender will give Mahesh’s address to Rohit.

The drama in the show will be high as before the wedding rounds, Sumit will interrupt the wedding and will expose Raima. Afterwards, Rohit will learn about Mahesh’s obsession for Sonakshi/ Paravati and will burst his anger on him. Meanwhile, Sonakshi health will worsen because of the misfortune that happened with her.

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