By Gossips Tv : Zee TV, one of India’s oldest General Entertainment Channels (GECs), is witnessing a steady decline in audience and TRPs. Despite being a pioneer in the industry, the channel is failing to regain its footing post the COVID-19 outbreak. While other leading GECs like Colors TV and Star Plus have successfully regained their audience, Zee TV continues to struggle.

The channel’s downfall can be attributed to its inability to launch successful shows in recent years. Despite introducing several new programs, most have failed to impress audiences and have been axed within a few months. Even long-running shows like Radha Mohan and Rabb Se Hai Dua are struggling to garner decent TRPs. The prime-time slot, once the channel’s strength, is now a weakness, with shows like Radha Mohan failing to attract viewers.

The channel’s old guard, including Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, and Bhagya Lakshmi, are still running, but their repetitive storylines have led to a significant decline in TRPs. These shows, which once garnered 2+ TVRs, are now struggling to cross 1.5. The audience is fed up with the lack of fresh content and story development.

Zee TV’s failure to adapt and innovate has led to its downfall. The channel’s head is not taking satisfactory steps to address the issue. Despite a channel revamp last year, the channel has failed to regain its audience. The recent failure to secure a merger deal with Sony Network due to internal differences has added to the channel’s woes.

As a result, Zee TV is struggling to maintain a top 5 spot, competing with free-to-air channel Dangal TV. The channel’s TRPs continue to dip, and its once-loyal audience is deserting it in search of fresh content. It’s time for Zee TV to wake up and take drastic measures to revive its lost glory. The channel needs to innovate, introduce fresh content, and take risks to regain its audience’s trust. Only then can it hope to reclaim its position as one of India’s leading GECs.