It’s boring to see the male characters who are weak. Reviving powerful male protagonists like Ahem, Arnav, and Suraj Rathee presents a challenge for creators.

The male protagonists of today are especially tender with their ex-partners. They don’t have an enduring personality. Here is a list of contemporary male leads who are unpopular with viewers. These masculine characters require a quick update from the makers.


Anirudh of the Jhanak serial receives fan hatred. The way he treats Jhanak and Arshi, fans can’t connect with the character. Anirudh is expected to open his mouth in support of Jhanak, but makers show his attraction towards Arshi more.

Anirudh needs to take a stand for the right.

Show Jhanak will go through a major development. Jhanak will come stronger than before.

Anirudh is played by Khrushal Ahuja. Actors brilliant acting is making audiences love to hate Anirudh.

On the story front, Jhanak goes missing. Anirudh goes restless. Is Jhanak dead? Keep watching your favorite show to know the upcoming twist.


The Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Meiin lead, Ishan, is receiving fan backlash. Off lately, the way he praised Reeva and regretted not being able to marry her, fans accused the makers of such off-writing. Fans fail to connect with Ishan. They demand makers bring consistency to the character of Ishan. Ishan keeps switching between Reeva and Savi.

Actor Shakti Arora’s top-notch performance as Ishan hooks the audience to the seat edges.

On the story front, Surekha threatens to leave the house if Savi stays. Yashwant will ask Savi to vacate the house. Ishaan will take a stand for Savi. Time will only tell.


Star Plus’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai character ‘Arman’ is no less. The way he confesses his responsibility for his ex-girlfriend Ruhi and ignores Abhira, fans want makers to bring newness to the character.

On the story front, Arman is realizing his love for Abhira. Ruhi is jealous of Arman and Abhira’s closeness.

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