Today we are going to share with you some Ronakshi(Played by Dipika Kakar and Karan Grover) scenes of Kahan Hum Kahan Tum ,which will make you laugh and laugh. We bring you a list of such scenes between Rohit and Sonakshi where they throw funny punch lines on each other. One of the most common one we all know is Rohit saying – “I am not a doctor , I am a surgeon!”

So here goes the long list….

1. Rohit goes to set for the first time

In the very initial episodes Rohit the heart surgeon is offended by Sonkashi’s tv shoe Kahana Parvati Ki showing Parvati doing a surgery on her husband. This scene made rohit furious and next day he went to the set and gave a nice lecture about how the show makers can show such illogical thing. This speech of Rohit had lot of punch lines.

2. Sonakshi gives dog her first preference than Rohit

Once in a park when Rohit fell into a cliff , we see Sonakshi coming as a rescue but later on we saw her main aim was to save the dog. Rohit brings the dog but atlast Sonakshi just carses the dog. Which makes Rohit irritated and he makes few punch lines.

3. Rohit spends a night in park of Sonakshi’s apartment

When Rohit came to Sonakshi’s house late at night , to get his watch back Sonakshi refused to entertain him. As Rohit didnt allow Sonakshi meet a patient after visiting hours so Sonakshi did tit for tat. Rohit was so stubborn that he said he will keep waiting till the morning. So he slept in the apartment’s park. Where he faced lot of problems and gave so many punch lines. Fans must have had a great time laughing.

4. Rohit locked Sonakshi in car’s boot

When Sonakshi was thrown out of her serial , she was very sad and disturbed. To make all her frustrations out and calm her down , Rohit locked Sonkashi in his car’s boot. He warned Sonakshi to become calm and only then he will open the lock. After Sonakshi was out she taunted him how can he put her in the boot and lock. This scene had cute funny dialogues.

5. Sonakshi dressed up as Rohit’s Card driver

After Rohit went to Sonakshi’s set as her bodygaurd, Sonakshi was very surprised. So, she in return thought of this cute prank of pretending to be Rohit’s new car driver. Sonakshi adorns the get up with beard. Rohit thinking him as the driver asks his name and everything. Just when, Sonakshi tried to set her prank, Rohits notices Sonakshi’s hand so this ends up Sonakshi’s plan as a flop plan. Ultimately Sonakshi gets to know that Rohit is playing her instead so she again starts another prank. Ultimately, at the end both have a cute laugh. In the whole conversation there was a punchline in every dialogue.

This show has gained instant popularity due to its combination of drama fun and romance. We wish the show luck. Let us know if you hope to see more of such cute Ronakshi scenes in future too.?!