Hong Jong Hyun may be joining in Coupang Play’s upcoming romance drama “What Comes After Love”!

Sports Chosun recently reported that Hong Jong Hyun will be joining Coupang Play’s new series “What Comes After Love” as a main character. In response to the report, a source from his agency SECRET ENT shared that the actor has received the offer and is positively reviewing it.

“What Comes After Love” is a drama based on the best-selling joint novel by Korean writer Gong Ji Young and Japanese writer Tsuji Hitonari published in 2005. The novel follows the love story between a Korean woman named Hong (Lee Se Young) and a Japanese man named Jungo (Sakaguchi Kentaro), who meet and fall in love with each other in Japan and reunite in Korea five years later after their breakup. Earlier in December, Lee Se Young was confirmed to join Sakaguchi Kentaro as the female lead.

According to the reports, Hong Jong Hyun is in talks to play the role of Min Joon, Hong’s fiancé who has loved her for 15 years.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming drama!