Actor believes in entertaining the audiences more than gaining awards or applause. Still his dedication is seen in his performance and that really works for him to gain lots of appreciation across the globe. His soulful performance forces us to shout-out loud whenever hunk graces our screen. Shaheer gives his 100 % to every role his picks.

Sheikh is currently winning the heart as Abir Rajvansh and last night his performance got huge applaud from his fans. Fans trended the hastag #ShaheerSheikh and #ShaheerAsAbir. 

Now if you have watched last night episode you would have surely loved it so today we will discuss how realistic character Abir is?

The present storyline of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke engaging! Plot of the show is breathing fresh and without any denial Abir’s dilemma in this situation is appropriate. The way he is swinging between his family and wife; his action and reaction is natural. Mishti needs his support while his family needs his attention. Amid the responsibility and love; Abir’s character is going through major complexity. Abir Rajvansh is full of emotions; he wants to make a balance between his family and Mishti but each time he ends up taking Mishti’s side because it’s only he who knows what happened 3 months ago. Abir’s act is judged by his family but we all know when the truth will be unveiled his family will support him.

Thus, we can conclude the way he is dealing with the situation now-character seems less imaginary and more realistic because anyone in the place of Abir would have reacted in the same way. He freaked out at Kuhu and Meenakshi and his reaction was spontaneous and not intentional. He wants to protect Mishti first at any cost.

Lastly, we just can’t thank Shaheer enough for bringing life to the character. Also we can’t miss to appreciate Rhea Sharma for her flawless performance as Mishti, as actress is well complementing Shaheer in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke.

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