With his stay in the industry for over five years, actor Savi Thakur enjoys a huge following on social media. His fans eagerly wait for his posts and shower him with affection every time he updates them. However, being a public figure, the actor is very careful about the kind of content he puts up on social media. He knows that one wrong message can influence his fans in the wrong way. “I don’t post anything bad which might get affected to anyone. I am very conscious about what goes on my social media platforms. I will never do anything which can hurt someone in real life too, I post and share what I feel is right,” says the actor, who will soon be seen as Agastya in the show “Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Payega”. Social media can be a platform that can become an important part of people’s lives, in some extreme cases, even an addiction. However, the “Porus” actor keeps himself in check.

“I think addiction is not the word for what I do. For some people it might be an addiction but not for me. I like to scroll because I get to know so many things through my social accounts like what is going around the world. All news we get to know through Facebook and Twitter and I keep on checking that’s it,” he says. Savi regularly follows celebrities such as actors Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut on social media.

He says he enjoys sharing his life with fans but mentioned that he has his limits. “Everyone has their own way of things and doing things people share each and everything on social media that is their choice but I don’t like to share everything. I like to keep personal things to myself only. I can’t share everything on social media,” he says. As an active participant on Instagram and Facebook, Savi, who hails from Himachal Pradesh, believes that social media can have a flip side too.

“I was not much into social media before but now it has become an important thing for an actor but sometimes it becomes worse too. Anybody can call you out, they can put you down with their comments and posts, some people take a disadvantage of it to bring someone down which is really bad and it happens with me also. People don’t even know the truth and they start commenting on bad things on social media just because they are told to do that. I keep checking my accounts, checking out stories of my friends and co-actors so that you get to know about what’s happening in their lives because some of them are so much into it that they share each and everything on social media,” he says.