By Anil Merani: Ejected Bigg Boss, 15 contestant Afsana Khan did some plain speaking to the media yesterday.

“It was wrong to eliminate me for only for the knife act. Others inmates have also made huge mistakes. Did Simba not throw Umar in the pool? “she fired back.

“Ideally, knowing my medical condition, Bigg Boss should have called to the conference room and asked me whether I wanted to continue or not, But here they just gave me marching orders, as they can do as they please.”

But your statement that you rip your top was unwarranted?

“Well, you need to understand the background Rajeev Aditya kept harassing me (on Shamita prodding) for a whole untelecasted task. Finally, I snapped, saying, if you want the mani, grab it. I was greatly stressed.”

When asked about her co-contestants?

She targeted Shamita Shetty “I did not even know who aunty was. when I first entered, “This 26-year-old Punjabi singer further challenged the medical reasons given by Bigg Boss for Shamita to exit the house temporarily. “

“If Shamita had fractured her finger, she would have been unable to wave her hand. She was only allowed to leave so she could see things from outside and return. It was acting. Not only me, everybody is unhappy with aunty’s preferential treatment.”

Turning her attention to other pet peeves, Simba Nagpal, who she feels” is surviving in the game, doing nothing due to particular friendships.”

When asked about her controversial dig on Karan Kundra (she had said that he was known only for featuring in her video )

“Pls, show me the video. I never said any such thing. Later I asked karan also he too denied it. I only kept quiet back then as I was scared of host Salman Khan.”

Afsana, who plans to get hitched in the latter part of Feb, does not rule out a return to Bigg Boss, “That depends on them.”

Would you also be game for Khatron Ke Khiladi? “While I am chicken! They, too, would want some scared contestants.”

In closing, Afsana mentioned who she would invite to her big day from Bigg Boss 15 list?

“Shamita is a strict no on I would like to call Umar Riaz ( he might have said stuff against me, but so be it ) Prateek Sahajpal ( his married sister lives in my area) and Donal, Bisht, who has become a fast friend.”