Eram Faridi Producer and director of Erams entertainment is ready with a host of projects. Currently she is shooting her next with Ali Asgar and Sushmita Mukherjee..We chatted with her to know more :

1. So tell me how did Eram Entertainment happen?

Erams Entertainment registered with Western Indian Producer Association in 2016. Faiz Ali Wagle and I started the Erams Entertainment together, Faiz Ali Wagle is a family friend of mine. My vision is to make some good films. Whatever I used to see near me, I used to think that why should not make a film on these stories and these issues I have experienced. So I thought I should make a film on these experiences which can reach people as a good message, so I started Erams Entertainment.

Question 2 – What are the projects under your banner?

We released the film Rising India in 2019 and the film Shringaar in 2020. After that, we made Meet Mr. Chang film in 2021, and now in 2022, we are making Fedoras Wrinkles. Rising India film is based on the rise of India, film Shrangar is based on the difficulties of a woman. This film shows the situation of a helpless woman. Meet Mr. Chang film is based on Racism as we see people’s stereotypes in this world, and the film Fedoras Wrinkles is based on karma. From these films, some films have come, and in the last-one film fedoras wrinkles the work is going on. We will soon come up with a new Film Shadibaaj, which will be based on a true story.

Question 3 – As a producer what is the kind of content you would like to create?

Erams entertainment always makes a film on social issues. In our Film, you will also get a touch of English, and we make emotional films. Our strategy is to make films with true stories and good content. We make a film on such Stories, which touch people’s hearts. This kind of social issues content we like to put in our Films.

Question 4 – What is next under your banner?

We are going to make now a film called Shadibaaj which is based on a true story. This film’s main character is Mr. Abhilash Chaudhary who acted in the film Dahanam,Fame in the film of Mr. Ram Gopal Varma he acted as the main villain and he Dahanam in the film Joya, Factor, Sultan and recently his film Konda was released. We met with Mr. Abhilash Chaudhary like a miracle and the character we needed for our film Mr. Abhilash Chaudhary is perfect for this Character. Mr. Abhilash Chaudhary is a good human in real life so we are happy to announce that we are going to come with our new film Shadibaaj. We are also going to come up with a talk show called Pow Wow with Erams. This show is easy and very different where we are going to come up with some celebrities who are very far from lime light.

Question 5 – How did you come with the idea of starting a production house?

We created Erams Entertainment in 2016 after thinking we will make good films. I wanted to act, and I did some acts in a few Films, but I liked to make films because it is challenging, and I like challenges. Production is a complete production in which everything comes up, and I learned many things as a producer of Erams Entertainment, and it was an idea that I should make some good films on social issues. As people also know me as a social activist.

Question 6 – Which actors are have been signed or are you in talks with for your productions?

In the Meet Mr. Chang film, Mr. Chien Ho Liao is acting as the main character, who acted in the Film Paltan as the main villain. We also have Mr. Aadi Irani , who acted in many films. He is a famous actor in the film industry he is also acting in the Film Meet Mr. Chang. In our Erams Entertainment one more film has added Fedora’s Wrinkles in which Miss Sushmita Mukharji is acting, who acted in the Film Golmal, and she is a well-known actress in our film industry. Miss Aachal Munjal is also a famous actress, who acted in the Film Ghayal Returns, she is also acting in our film. We also have Mr. Manish Wadhwa, who acted as the main villain in the Film Gadar 2. Miss Vibhuti Thakur, whom we have seen in many TV Serials, is also acting in our film. So, we are working with this kind of star cast. we are enjoying it, and I am happy to connect with these people.

Question 7 – How easy or difficult is this industry to get into for a new production house?

I am Eram Faridi, and I believe. If we take any situation as big it will be absolutely big, but if we take any situation as small I am sure it will be small for us. If we take a situation as hard it will be hard, and if we take a situation as easy I’m sure it will be easy for us. I always work in this mentality. We know there is nepotism in our film industry but tell me where we don’t get nepotism either we talk about the sector or any other field we get nepotism. I know one thing if I have talent and I believe in myself no one can stop me to get success, so I always try to make a good film. I look at PR very carefully, I look at the base, and I look at acting. I don’t want to make any mistakes. I always give priority to these things because I don’t want to be ignored by people. I want to say it is not easy but not so difficult as well to make working a production house. I faced so many challenges, but I like the challenges.

Question 8 – What are your visions for the company?

Erams Entertainment has a big dream which is going to accomplish soon. We are coming with a crew award which is going to be the first time in India. We also have a dream that we should make some films that people can understand, and people actually can understand the meaning of cinema. People can understand it through our Film, which shows our experiences and our big artist experience in Film. Mr. Ashwin Kaushal Bharati is directing the Film Meet, Mr. Chang. Mr. Ashwin Kaushal Bharti is a well-known actor in our film industry and now he is known as a good director. We learn many things from him so we make the shape that is exactly required for our Film. You can understand we have done this much hard work, so I assume in future we will get a good reputation and name of Erams Entertainment.

Erams Etertainment wants to go ahead to Hollywood, at least we prove Erams Entertainment as a big name. I also want to tell you that our Film Meet Mr. Chang have been selected for an international film festival. We want to send our messages to people, and maybe in the next five years, we will be working with a big star cast. I believe no one is small or big. We worked hard, and we got your blessings so finally, we reached here so far. I also want to work with Mr. Rajanikant Ji. We are going ahead with good thinking, and I believe soon we will make a big film. We are coming with the Film called Shadibaaz  which is going to show you some good things. Shadibaaz film will be directed by Mr. Faiz Ali Wagle.