Man of a few words and more action, television’s self-confessed introverted but a powerhouse actor, Mohit Mallik is currently ruling the roost with his chart-topper show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. 
Breaking all stereotypes for men on television playing an emotionally wrecked role & crying on screen more than the female protagonists in shows these days, Mohit Mallik clearly walks the road less taken by male actors in showbiz.
Known to be shy & a method actor on the sets often found deeply involved in his scripts, the actor generously makes quite a few public appearances & swears by simple living.
In times when new-comers to stars have a minimum half a dozen people in their flocking around at all times, Mohit believes otherwise, he shares, ‘I’d stick to the old school, I’m not somebody who’ll have or somebody who wants a team. I prefer simplicity, least I have is my make-up man accompanying me.’
Now we have the fashion police dissecting every look an actor steps out in, actors have become wary of their sartorial choices, Mohit has a different take, ‘If somebody styles me, great, but I prefer wearing my own clothes. I don’t really give so much emphasis on what I’m wearing, irrespective of whatever the event, I’d stick to whatever I have at the moment. I’ve seen people spending a lot of days thinking about what to wear, I usually don’t have much time  because of the shoot schedules.’
‘I’m very basic & I can go to auto to an event, I can wear jeans & a t-shirt if I don’t have anything to wear. I’d like to act normal & not stress about trivial things, as this is something we have created. In my opinion, I wouldn’t spend more on how do I turn out for my public appearances,’ he concludes!