Shardul Pandit talks about his only friends in the industry being Karan Patel and Ankita, his new passion cum job in Dubai, and shuttling between Mumbai and Dubai.

1. You have been shuttling between Dubai and Mumbai; we hear you fill us up on whats going on.

Yes, I have, as I have taken up an international radio and podcast project. I have been in this part earlier also, and now, not just me, many web, film, and TV actors are shifting their businesses and bases due to the better and higher-end lifestyle and infrastructure. However, it doesn’t make me limited; in fact, I see many new opportunities opening up. 

2. The recent Poonam Pandey Fiasco, you really took a beating when the death news was out. I hope you pulled her up as a friend when you got to know the truth.

I did what I had to; however, the love and friendship won’t go away, nor will I tell people about our conversation. I always believe that even if an act is wrong, a person is still deserving of love. But why are we only making Poonam take the fall? Why not ask the agency that came up with this campaign who is talking about it? Why not the news agencies that published this without verification in the hurry of being the first one to break? 

3. Whats next from the Shardul Pandits platter?

This question always baffles me, as not just me but most actors won’t be allowed to (coz they can’t ) talk about it, but yes, a beautiful music video with one of the most soulful voices of the industry’s. I would love you guys to see it. 

4. Any Otts in the offering?

After pret boys on Amazon tv which was a comedy, I’m actually waiting for a role that’s different. , problem is my work as an anchor or host is more talked about. Infact fact, some publications still refer to me as RJ, even though I have done one lead, two parallel leads, one web show, many hostings, and cameos. So I hope I get more of the web, as genuinely, after doing and shooting in that format, I realized that is my zone. 

5. Who are your closest friends in the industry, and otherwise whom can you blindly trust and rely on?

I think blind trust is only with Karan Patel, Ankita, and Shakeb as these are my closest people. I know that they will have my best interest, and now I am actually scared of getting emotional. As in our industry, a lot of friendships are clout based or what you can offer in terms of materialistic gains.

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