Sandiip Sikcand on his next shows, regional and Hindi, and why he thinks regional content is still struggling even though their scripts are amazing.

1. We have waited for you to speak on your new show. Now that the promo is out, please throw some light.

It’s a very passionate love story. A love story with a lot of deep emotional drama, action, and amazing family relations, which I think the audiences will totally enjoy.

2. How did you narrow down this script?

 Love as an emotion is understood by all, and if worked on well, the story line becomes even more powerful. The channel heard the story, and they were floored, and as they say, the rest is history. It’s always a team effort between the channel and the producer, from casting to everything else, but what I knew was that I wanted the main lead to be Vishal Nikam, as I had seen him in Big Boss, and Vishal has that raw appeal that is very important for this role. He has some fire in his eye, which one cannot easily diminish. Pooja, on the other hand, has done a good big show and seems absolutely divine for this character. We also have Jay Dudhane in the show, and he will be the surprise packet in the show !

3. Regional scripts, shows, and films are working very well, and you have delved deeply into them as well. Your thoughts?

 I have always very strongly felt that regional shows have always been stronger in terms of script and character portrayal, and i have always said this without a doubt and very firmly.

The content that regional cinema, TV, or even OTT makes is absolutely fantastic. My stint with Aboli and with every actor in that show was phenomenal and will remain so. Almost everyone there is from theater, and what a command over their work they have. Most of the Hindi shows, I feel, have very good-looking faces, but the acting sometimes falters, and hence a lot more effort has to be put in. When the actors are good at their jobs, the work becomes a lot easier, and with that, more than half the battle is won. I think regional cinema and even regional TV are slowly picking up because people are becoming aware of good content, and today they realize the importance of that versus just glitz and glamour.

4. Regional content is not considered happening even today, even though many Hindi remakes happen of regional content. However, why do you think their struggle continues?

Its very similar to the sports world; for example, one would know more about cricket than football and hockey because the glitz attached to this sport is more so, so we see those faces all over, and one tends to feel a deeper connection.

Yes, Hindi as a language is more widely accepted because of the faces attached to it. Regional, on the other hand, I say it with absolute conviction, is slowly but steadily going to be the father of all in terms of good work and more.

5. What next from you?

 I am rather superstitious, and hence speaking about something before it happens is not something I am comfortable with. But yes, 2024 has a lot of exciting things coming up. Keep waiting and watching.