Actress Renee Dhyani is looking forward to the role to create her own niche. She is ready to take up any challenge as an actor. The actress is ready to come out of her comfort zone to play the roles. Check out full chat with Renee below:

  1. How has life been since you have been back in the city?

It has been lovely. The city has always welcomed me and it’s been the same this time too around with more vigour and love.

  1. If not an actress what do you think you could have been?

I would have been into sports or some corporate job is rather sure.

  1. What is the kind of work Renee is looking to do?

Every actor wants to varve their own niche and it’s the same with me as well. I want to do something which challenges me as an actor i don’t mind going out of my comfort space and pushing myself. I hope makers are listening and find me worthy of it

  1. What kind of content gives you the kick as an actor?

Anything which is relatable and seems real something one can push their boundaries for something which makes me forget the real me.

  1. Next what from Renee?

I am praying to make an announcement soon god willing all will go well and you shall hear from me soon and see me on screen soonest.

  1. Delhi or Mumbai the preferred city ?

Delhi is where i was born and one can never take Delhi out of me and Mumbai is my first love and will always be.

  1. What and who is the real Renee like?

I am raw, rough and tough, and i am unapologetically myself.

  1. One actor from the TV industry you would love to work with and why?

I have a long list to be honest recently i watched Saas Bahu and Flamingo and it blew my mind. I want to work with Dimpleji and that’s the kind of content I would jump into with my eyes closed.