Do you all remember the most disturbing question of century. That was “Why Katappa killed Babubali?“.  All analysis in those 2 years seems to have failed and the answer was mind blowing. Anyways, have you thought of Bahubali on small screen? If any day, this magnum opus comes to small screen these are our choices for the show.  in no particular order


Shilpa Shuklani is our choice for the complicated role of Shivgami. Shivgami was brave, courageous, good administrator and has a love for justice. At the same time she was ready to accept her mistakes and did everything in her capacity to make that right. Shilpa can showcase all these shades of Shivgami on screen. 


Sudesh Berry has long experience of performing negative characters on screen. He easily slips into any role. Though, Kattapa was not negative but it will be interesting to see Sudesh doing positive role at least for once. So, we vouch for Sudesh for the role of Kattapa. 


Avantiks was valiant and audacious. She never failed to show her fearlessness in her works. However, she was sweet and beautiful. Only Mahendra Bahubali can see that side of her. Helly Shah is our choice for Avantika. Helly can be a warrior and a sweet girl next door. 

Dev Sena:

We wanted an actress for Dev Sena who has shown diverse shades in her different shows. Who can better be other than Jennifer Winget. Dev Sena is beautiful, strong minded, bold, heroic (Yes! she was) and valiant. Jennifer has done some major roles in past which has changed the Indian TV screen image. She is one of the best actresses who can portray Dev Sena.

Bhallal Deva:

We all agree that Bhallal Deva was evil. Nonetheless, he was strong, sharp minded, cruel and a great warrior. Someone like Dhananand from Chandragupta Maurya. Sourabh Raaj Jain is master in his art. he can be calm as Krishna and destructive like Dhananand. He is our favourite choice for Bhallal Deva. 


We knew that you all must be reading to catch this glimpse first. That is the reason we kept it last.  😛 In our opinion Shaheer Sheikh who has already performed as Arjun will be best suited for Bahubali. Bahubali, who was powerful, lionhearted, gallant and a true gentleman with ladies. He was his mother’s son and a great father. Isn’t some like Arjun which Shaheer has played once?

Do suggest us if you have a different name for any role. We would love to hear your thoughts in comment box. Let’s Get Bizzin!!