Well, remaking bollywood content on the television is no big deal. And what can be more exciting if the ITV witnesses the intense drama similar to ‘Kabir Singh’.

‘There is no rebel without a cause’ is the whole idea of the movie Kabir Singh. Shahid Kapoor starring movie shattered all the records on the big screen. And we are sure if any director who can handle such a different concept with ease; show similar to Kabir Singh can break all the records on ITV too. Yes, we know the show will not for everyone but the ones who loves the genre like Kabir Singh will truly hook them to the screen. So, here we have a cast suggestion if ever concept similar to Kabir Singh will be made on the ITV.

Harshad Chopda as Kabir Singh:

No second thought in this if the character like Kabir Singh is given to sexy hunk Harshad Chopda, he will smash all his previous made records. We are sure Harshad can easily step into the shoes of Kabir Singh with his looks, body language, dialogue delivery, anger and fervent lover boy appearance.

Tunisha Sharma as Preeti:

Character Preeti was full of innocence and purity. We think actress Tunisha Sharma who was last seen in the show Internet Wala Love can perform Preeti for TV’S Kabir Singh smoothly.

Deepak Singh Sandhu as Dr.Shiva:

Dr. Shiva was a devoted friend who was seen standing by the side of Kabir Singh always. Deepak who played the role of Sumit Khanna in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum fits in the role completely. He has already played a composed character previously.

Sudesh Berry as Preeti’s father:

Preeti’s father played a crucial role in the separation of the love birds. Who other than veteran actor Sudesh Berry can perform such an aggressive role.

So these are our suggestion for the characters if Kabir Singh is ever made on ITV. Tell us about your choices in the comment section below.

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