Today we will talk about Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer, The 6th highest grossing film of 2019, Kabir Singh. Much liked by youth, first thing about Kabir Singh is it’s a film with A certificate because of its some dialogues, violence scenes, drugs scenes and sex scenes. Since, TV is a platform where most people expect to watch family shows, so the biggest challenge for makers to convert it into a family show without diverting from content.

Next important step is to get the right casting for Kabir and Preeti’s characters because these characters are not only liked and appreciated by public, but also Shahid and Kiara are stuck in their minds as Kabir and Preeti. It will be another challenge if this show is made, to find such actors who can justify these roles and bigger will be that they are capable of replacing Shahid and Kiara’s chemistry with their own. Let’s check out whom we have chosen to replicate them if the film is ever made as a show.

Zain Imam as Kabir Singh:

It seems to us that one of TV’s talented and dashing actors Zain Imam will suit for the role of Kabir Singh. Zain Imam will be the best because, he expresses anger and agony to perfectio which is required for Kabir Singh’s character. It would be really delightful to watch Zain doing this character.

Aditi Rathore as Preeti:

For Preeti’s role, we think Aditi Rathore will prove to be the right choice, because as we think she will be good in the character of an innocent girl like Preeti. It will also be a very different character from all the roles she has done so far, and with her natural acting we are sure she will present it very best.

Jia Sharma:

Jiya Sharma, who was a famous actress and third angle character, in the film, we think Shrenu Parikh is apt choice. The actress is versatile and capable of performing any sort of role. We believe she can do this with ease.

We do not neglect the fact that Zain Imam has already worked with these two actresses in past and displayed a great chemistry.

We hope you like our choices.  Hit comment section to write your opinions. For more such writeups, keep reading this space. Till then, Let’s Get Buzzing!!