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The episode starts with Rajwinder recalling the incident when Janel burnt the girl alive as she found about their illegal business. She asked Suraj Singh to keep everything that happened in the room as a secret in his heart. Janel being drunk doesn’t understand anything . Rajwinder throws his glass of drink and slaps him. She says that alcohol has turned him to animal. Rajwinder ties a black thread on his thumb and makes him promise to stop drinking alcohol.

Time comes back to present where Rajwinder tells that victim’s mother is in mental asylum for past one year. The same lady is seen escaping from asylum. She has Heer’s photo in her hand. Ranjha , Navjot and Heer are taking Beant Singh to home when victim’s mother comes in front of their car. She recognises Heer and tries to call her but fails. Police and staff from asylum look around for her. Gurmeet makes Beant Singh and turns on the lights. He gets shocked to see decorations in the house and a lot of guests. Beant Singh asks the reason behind decorations and function. Heer tells him to rest and she will explain everything to him.

Heer explains Beant Singh to take his medications. He again asks what’s happening and it feels like it’s someone’s marriage. Navjot tells Beant Singh to react calmly. She says that Heer is getting married and her in laws are coming for chunri ritual next day. Beant Singh gets shocked and questions who the groom is. Navjot says that Heer is getting married to Kuldeep Singh Atwal. Beant Singh drops glass from his hand. He loses his temper recalling what Atwals did. Heer says that Navjot did not pressurize him. Beant Singh says that Heer cannot get married to household where Rajwinder rules.

Navjot tells that Rajwinder is good person and she donated blood to him. Beant Singh is left shocked and gets angry. He says it would he better to die than to have Rajwinder’s blood. He requests the guests to leave as no one is getting married. Heer tells Beant Singh to calm down. He asks her reason behind agreeing to marriage. Heer lies that she has fallen in love with Kuldeep and could not reject Kuldeep’s proposal. Beant Singh asks Ranjha to take promise on his friendship and say that Heer is speaking the truth.

Ranjha supports Heer’s lies and says he knew long back that Heer likes Kuldeep. Gurmeet tells about marriage being in three days. Beant is left shocked with the revelation. He says about how can Heer get married to guy whom he hardly knows. Kuldeep and Rajwinder comes there and says him to know Kuldeep better. Kuldeep thanks everyone for accepting the relationship. Rajwinder apologises to Beant Singh for getting such a shocking news. She says when children are in love, elders should agree to same. The episode ends with Rajwinder questioning about Ranjha and when Navjot tells that he protects their fields, she addresses him as servant.