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The episode starts with Jeet telling he will do anything to reduce Heer’s pain and signs the documents for plastic surgery. Nurse tells only two people can stay here rest have to leave. Jeet tells he will stay here with Heer rest of them can rest. Heer’s father ask rest of them to rest and he will stay with Jeet. Jarnail gets a call and gets angry on finding that Heer is safe and decides to kill her, also tells to keep him informed about the situation.

Doctor informs that the operation was successful and now they will shift Heer to ICU. Nurse takes Jeet for doing dressing of his wounds. Jarnail sprays chloroform and Heer’s father faints and he gets inside the ICU. Jarnail tells Heer that Jeet is trying a lot to save Heer but when it is time to die no one can save her.

Nurse informs Jeet that Heer has been shifted to ICU. Jarnail is cutting the oxygen tube and Jeet gets in but he hides beneath a table. Jeet finds the knife and wonders what is it doing here. Jeet recalls Heer promising him not to risk her life and tells what if something would have happened to her. Heer’s oxygen level start dropping because of cut in the tube and Jeet rushes to call the doctor. Nurse finds a cut in the oxygen pipe and replaces it. Doctor tells Jeet that Heer is fine now. Jeet asks the doctor how did her oxygen suddenly drop? Doctor hints the nurse not to tell Jeet about cut in pipe or it would be considered their negligence. Jeet gets a call and the doctor leaves.

Jarnail meets someone and tells her to try to reach hospital and do something. Heer’s father thanks Jeet and tells he feels as if he was unconscious and Jeet wonders how could it happen. Teji tells Jeet to take rest and tells Kavita to serve the food. Heer’s mom also come there and tells Teji and Jass to take rest she wants to spend time with her daughter. Heer’s mother tells why is so much pain in her daughter’s life,first Heer’s husband died and than now her life is in danger. Jarnail again gets a call and tells I don’t think you can do this work. Teji is on call in background and gets in the car, Kavita also comes from back talking on phone and gets in car.

Jeet tells Heer she cannot leave him alone like this and she has to come back for him and senses movement in her hands. Jeet informs the ward boy that Heer is conscious. Ward boy tells he will inform the doctor but Heer cannot talk till her dressings are removed. Jeet tells Heer he has waited so many years so he can wait one more night and from tomorrow we will be Jeet and Heer like before and keeps talking with her recalling their moments. The episode ends.