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The episode begins with doctor removing Heer’s dressing. Jeet tells Heer not to worry she will be alright soon. Doctor removes the dressing from Heer’s face and everyone is shocked to look at Heer. Jeet leaves the room in shock and breaks down. Jeet tells doctor what did you do with my Heer and tells the girl inside cannot be Heer.

Doctor tells we reconstructed her entire face and it is common for such things to happen but our priority is to save the patient not her face. Jeet thinks that the face he used to see in dreams from morning is changed now. Teji tells Jeet we can’t be selfish,we have to think about Heer and if she will be able to accept this change. Doctor tells everyone to behave normally with Heer and not ler her see her own face or she might get a shock. Teji tells we have to become strength of Heer not her weakness.

Heer asks Jeet what happened. Jeet tells we did not leave after watching your face,actually as soon as saw you are alright I went to thank God. Heer asks Jeet if everything is alright? Jeet tells everything will be like before.

Heer tells this accident happened because of Jarnail and he wants to kill me. Jeet tells Jarnail is dead and no one can harm you. Jeet tells now you will have to rest till you recover or I will scold you. Jeet thinks Heer’s face is completely changed and she feels like a stranger to him. Jarnail gets a call and is glad to listen about Heer’s condition and now all he has to do is show her,her own face. Jeet tells if we all are shocked now

Jarnail tells over phone to stop pretending to be nice and show Heer her face. Rajvinder thinks she has to show Heer her own face so that she cannot survive the shock. Rajvinder tells Teji and Jass to go and arrange tea and snacks for everyone. Rajvinder enters ICU and throws the dressing tray accidentally and asks Heer to pick it up.
Jeet hears Heer’s voice telling him you were waiting for this face,watch it and he stares at her.

Rajvinder tells Heer to pick up the tray and Heer sees a reflection of her face in the tray and she gets shocked. Heer tells she wants to see her own face and leaves the ICU. Rajvinder tells everyone Heer accidentally saw her face in tray but maybe it was not clear so she is looking for a mirror,go and stop her. Jeet chases after Heer and she tells him to let him go. Heer looks into a mirror and is shocked to find herself completely changed and breaks down telling this is not my face. Everyone tells Heer to calm down, she is still Heer and just her face has changed little. The episode ends with Heer fainting in shock.