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The episode starts with Heer thinking to decorate Ranjha’s room before he comes back after washing his bike. She quickly hides when Ranjha enters the room. Ranjha gets surprised seeing the decorations in his room and starts bursting off the balloons. He also destroys the letters arranged by Heer as I AM SORRY. Heer thinks he has so much anger and says she will she how long he will keep with the anger. Once Ranjha goes aside, Heer quickly keeps gifts on his bed. Ranjha opens his cupboard to take his shirt out and finds sticky notes asking for his forgiveness on it. He frustratedly throws it away.

Heer tries to calm herself. Ranjha picks the gift and opens it. He finds a cute smiley inside it and smiles too. He says out loud that if someone is hearing him that he wants to say that he is not interested in childish stuffs and she should not waste her time and his too. Heer thinks how to cool down Ranjha’s anger. She calls Jasmin and tells her about the incident. Jasmin suggests her to do something special for Ranjha.

Maid is carrying vegetables when she collides with Heer. Heer sees saag in her hand and gets an idea. She decides to cook for Ranjha and tells maid that she will cool special Punjabi dinner tonight, makke di roti and sarso ka saag. Heer thinks it will be challenging for her as she doesn’t know to cook but she will try her best. Tanya comes to kitchen and spoils Heer’s cooked food by adding extra spices. Heer doesn’t realise it. Sartaj calls all the family members to gather outside in the lawn. He makes arrangements for everyone in dhaba style.

Flashback shows Heer had asked Sartaj to do this. Heer realises she forgot to cook the saag. Sartaj makes excuses to keep them busy by talking about food and waits for Heer. He texts Heer to question about when she will be coming. The latter requests him to keep them engaged for some more time. Ranjha and Rajwinder also joins them. Heer brings dinner and says she has cooked tonight. Ranjha thinks if Heer has cooked all of this. Jarnail and Teji gets up to leave but Sartaj strictly asks none to leave without eating as food should not be disrespected .

Rajwinder starts acting nice and says Teji to eat too. Everyone praise Heer for cooking well. Heer says she will call Sunny and Simran too but Teji says they have already slept. Heer is about to serve Ranjha but Jarnail takes all of it himself to stop Ranjha from eating it. Sartaj says Ranjha is part of their family too. Heer unknowingly brings the saag with extra red chilli powder for Ranjha. He smilingly eats it without any complaints. Later Heer herself eats a bite and wonders how it became so spicy. Heer rushes to Ranjha and makes him have honey. Ranjha forgets his anger and starts talking to Heer normally. Heer gifts Ranjha a blazer and he likes it. The episode ends with Ranjha keeping it safely.