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The episode starts with Indira tells Imlie that she can understand her problem but she don’t want Surya to come here to meet her and that’s why Mahesh offers a compensation for her loss. Imlie tells Mahesh that the amount is very less for her loss. Mahesh gives more money but Imlie tells him that she has lost her Kohinoor diamond. Indira suggests Imlie to take the money and start a new life. Imlie calls every staff member in the dhaba and ask them to take the money for free but they all refuse to take. Indira bribed the dhaba owner and ask him to throw Imlie out of the job. The dhaba owner accepts the money and throws Imlie out of the dhaba.

Meanwhile Anjali comes to Surya and ask him if there is nothing more than taking care of Imlie. Surya learns from Jugnu that his aunt Indira has bribed the money to the dhaba owner and asks him to throw Imlie out of the job. The dhaba owner drags Imlie and ask her to leave. Imlie tells Indira that she will not blame her but she wants him to stop Surya coming after her. Jugnu tells Imlie to wait for some moment and he decides to go with her. The dhaba owner tells Jugnu to pay attention in the work.

Jugnu resigns from the job. Imlie tells Jugnu that he can’t leave the job and walks away. Jugnu informs Surya that Imlie has left. Raghu and his gang starts following Imlie to kill her but suddenly Tripathi arrives and arrest Imlie in the case of threatening. Surya arrives and takes Imlie. Raghu and his gang members hide behind the stall.
Surya brings to the jail and files a complaint against her. Imlie and Surya starts a funny argument. Surya tells Imlie that she can also complain in his name also but she left. Surya makes fun of Imlie infront of Tripathi. Imlie files a complaint against Surya for killing her husband.

Raghu and his gang members waits outside the police station for Imlie. Surya tells Tripathi to a file the complaint. Surya tells Tripathi to write that Agastya was killed accidentally and explain the whole truth of Imlie .Surya tells that one incident can change everything and Surya takes the responsibility for Agasyta’s death. Surya tells Imlie that he is ready to accept the punishment.

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Imlie 11th April 2024 Written Update: Imlie finds a job