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The episode starts with Surya gives his confession. The lady police tells Imlie that they need her confession also. Surya tells the police that he is surrendering his weapon till further investigation. The police tells Imlie and Surya that they can’t leave the city. Surya and Imlie comes out of the police station and they go their way. Surya sits in the car and went away. The goons takes Imlie in the side and Raghu points his weapon to kill Imlie but Surya comes infront. The gun shots and hits Surya because Surya has seen in the rear mirror that Raghu is taking Imlie. Raghu tries to escape but the police arrests him. The police takes Surya immediately to the hospital.

Imlie sits outside the operation theatre. Indira arrives with the family members and ask the nurse about Surya. The nurse tells Indira that Surya is getting treatment because his condition is critical. Indira slaps Imlie and reminds her to stay away from Imlie. Hemalata tries to console Imlie but Imlie tells Hemalata that Surya is responsible for Agasyta’s death. Hemalata tells Imlie that Surya is also regretting for his fault. The doctor informs Indira that Surya is out of danger now. Indira ask Surya about his health. The doctor informs that Surya is fine because of his wife because his blood group matches with her.

Surya went to thanks his wife but Indira and Mahesh tries to stop him but Surya is determined. Anjali tells Surya that his condition is because of Imlie and ask him to forget the marriage and the responsibilities. Surya tells Anjali that he wants her to go back and he will not his mind. Hemalata ask Anjali that she is going home now so she will tell the driver to drop her. Anjali tells Hemlata that she will do alone. Surya ask Hemlata about Imlie.

Imlie comes to meet Bulbul and Pallo Mami but she find other guests are already in the home. Bulbul hugs Imlie. Imlie learns from Bulbul that groom’s family has come to see her. Pallo tells Imlie that she must inform them before coming but Mama tells Imlie that she don’t require permission to come home. Mama introduce Imlie to Vijay ji.

Vijay tells Imlie about her husband. Pallo Mamai tells Vijay ji that Imlie’s husband is in police. Vijay insists to meet Imlie’s husband but he didn’t arrive to meet them. Imlie tells Mami that Surya will not come. Mami tells Imlie that she also created nuisance with her in-laws. Imlie tells Mami that she will not break the alliance but Mami tells Imlie that Vijay ji wants to meet her husband. Bulbul informs that Surya has arrived.

Indira gets angry on Surya. Nirmala tells Indira that Imlie has done magic on Surya. Hemalata tells Indira of Imlie knows the magic then she must try on her. Indira is determined that she will not allow Imlie to enter the house. Suddenly Indira’s father in law arrives with Arjun who is Mahesh and Hemalata’s son. Indira tells Appa to settle down. Appa wants to meet Surya. Indira inform Appa that Surya is injured. Mahesh tells Appa that Surya has gone with his wife. Appa is shock to know that Surya is married and he wants to know whom Surya has married.

Vijay ji and his family is happy to meet Surya. Mama calls Imlie to sit beside Surya. Surya tells Vijay ji that he wants to fix the alliance but Bulbul tells about her past affair. Vijay’s son don’t bother about Bulbul’s past and he tells Bulbul to forget the past. Vijay’s son wants to marry Bulbul. Mami yells at Imlie and she don’t want Imlie’s interference in Bulbul’s alliance.

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