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Episode starts with Imlie coming out wearing Malini’s Saree. Tripathis act like media reporters. They ask questions to Imlie how is she feeling? Malini says she wants to take selfie with Imlie. They give compliment to Imlie saying she is looking pretty in the Saree. Imlie says its gifted by Malini. Aditya says to Malini that was not needed. Malini says she thought of going with Aditya wearing that Saree but she gave it to Imlie. Its looking good on Imlie. Aparna tells Imlie to be confident during interview also she will control her anger. Imlie says she is already nervous. Aparna tells Imlie to answer properly. Aditya takes Imlie to the press conference hall.

Aditya says why Imlie is looking tensed. Imlie says her one wrong answer can ruin the whole image of her village. Reporters will develop wrong impression about Pagdandiya. Aditya says nothing wrong will happen. Imlie tells Aditya to give her courage saying Aditya should tell her some encouraging words like if Imlie can become state topper she can achieve anything, she is SRK etc. Aditya says if Imlie knows how smart she is then why will he say something. He tells her to be confident.

Imlie and Aditya enter the hall. Reporters get surprised to see Aditya. They ask why big reporter like Aditya is present in such a small interview. Aditya says its his choice. Imlie goes on stage. She recalls Satyakam’s words. Aditya tells no work is unimportant for him. Imlie gets nervous after hearing mic sound. Reporter start asking questions to Imlie that how is she feeling after becoming topper? Imlie tells everyone to ask questions in Hindi as she is comfortable in it. Aditya asks what challenges Imlie faced during her struggle.

Imlie shares how she already gained confidence and courage from her loved ones. She indirectly thanks Aditya for always being there for her. She says some relationships don’t have names but the support she got is enough. Aditya looks at Imlie proudly. Tripathis and Dev watch Imlie’s interview on TV screen. Rubi says Imlis is answering confidently. One reporter asks Imlie has anyone scolded Imlie for watching TV. Imlie says she has no TV in her house. Imlie says Meethi fought for her a lot though Meethi is illiterate.

Aditya gets Meethi’s call and Aditya tells her about the press conference. Meethi says she always thought Imlie won’t feel lonely like her as Aditya is always with her. Imlie got such a good in laws. Aditya says Meethi should not say like that as Satyakam is there to accept Meethi. Aditya also reveals he heard everything while Satyakam was trying yo kill Dev. Meethi says don’t get me wrong. Aditya says I am not misunderstanding you but he tells Meethi to solve all the issues between her and Satyakam. Meethi thanks Aditya for teaching her the value of love. Aditya goes to attend the press conference again.

Reporter asks Imlie if she wants to change something in her life, what will it be? Imlie recalls her marriage with Aditya. She feels nervous. She stammers while giving answers. Due to wind her hair gets messy and the reporters notice the vermilion. Tripathis get shocked saying now how will Imlie handle the situation. Reporters ask several questions to Imlie that why she wants to hide about her marriage , where is her husband? Imlie accepts that she is married. Aditya stands shocked hearing that.

The episode ends

Precap- Malini shouts at Aditya that what is the matter why Aditya is not telling clearly, why he makes excuses and lies to his own family. Why did he marry Malini if he wants to avoid her only? Aditya stays quite. Imlie overhears their talk.

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